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nonsense noun

  /ˈnɑn.sɛns/ , /ˈnɒn.səns/
  • Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or pattern or seem to have no meaning.
absurdité, bêtise
  • An untrue statement.
connerie, n'importe quoi, sottise
  • (biology) A damaged DNA sequence whose products are not biologically active, that is, that does nothing.

nonsense adjective

  /ˈnɑn.sɛns/ , /ˈnɒn.səns/
  • (biochemistry) Resulting from the substitution of a nucleotide in a sense codon, causing it to become a stop codon (not coding for an amino-acid).

nonsensical adjective

  • Without sense; absurd.
absurde, sans queue ni tête

nonsense interjection

  /ˈnɑn.sɛns/ , /ˈnɒn.səns/
  • An emphatic rejection of something one has just heard and does not believe or agree with.
n'importe quoi !

nonsensically adverb

  • In a nonsensical manner.
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