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key /ki/, /kiː/, [ˈkʲʰiː]
  • button on a typewriter or computer keyboard
key /ki/, /kiː/, [ˈkʲʰiː]
  • device designed to open and close a lock
  • cryptography: piece of information used to encode or decode
  • computing: field in a record used as a search argument
  • computing: value uniquely identifying entry in associative array
  • crucial step
  • scale of musical notes
key /ki/, /kiː/, [ˈkʲʰiː]
  • indispensable
key fob
  • item carried on a key ring
gantungan kunci
key logger
  • software or hardware designed to record keystrokes
perekam ketikan
primary key
  • key in database table
primary key
Allen key /ˈælən kiː/
  • a hex head wrench
kunci L
key signature
  • indication of the key of a composition
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