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number /ˈnʌmbə/, /ˈnʌmbɚ/
  • abstract entity
number /ˈnʌmbə/, /ˈnʌmbɚ/
  • numeral
number /ˈnʌmbə/, /ˈnʌmbɚ/
  • grammar: state of being singular, dual or plural
  • mathematics: number
  • performance
  • used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence
numb /nʌm/ kesemutan
numb /nʌm/
  • physically unable to feel
tuna rungu
prime number
  • natural number
bilangan prima
flight number
  • callsign
nomor penerbangan
atomic number
  • number of protons
nomor atom
complex number
  • number of the form a + bi
bilangan kompleks
natural number
  • (only) positive integer
  • positive integer or non-negative integer
bilangan asli
rational number
  • quotient of integers
bilangan rasional
Avogadro's number
  • number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure carbon-12
bilangan Avogadro
irrational number
  • real number that is not rational
bilangan irasional
random number /ˈɹændəm ˈnʌmbə/
  • number allotted randomly using a suitable generator
angka acak
real number
  • limit of a convergent sequence of rational numbers
bilangan riil
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