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school /skuːl/
  • an institution dedicated to teaching and learning
  • an institution dedicated to teaching and learning before college or university
  • (collectively) the followers of a particular doctrine
  • an art movement
school /skuːl/
  • a department/institute at a college or university
school /skuːl/
  • college or university
school /skuːl/
  • a group of fish
primary school
  • first formal, obligatory school
sekolah dasar
high school /ˈhaɪ.skul/
  • secondary school
sekolah menengah atas
sekolah menengah
sekolah menengah umum
secondary school
  • school
sekolah lanjutan
sekolah menengah
junior high school
  • school for children that have completed elementary school
sekolah menengah pertama
boarding school
  • school which provides board and lodging
school of thought
  • opinion subscribed to by some connected or arbitrary group
middle school
  • school contain both primary and secondary students
sekolah satu atap
Sunday school
  • religious school providing education on Sundays
sekolah Minggu
vocational school
  • A school that provides training in specific skills required for different industries.
sekolah vokasi
school uniform
  • uniform items to be worn by students in a school
seragam sekolah
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