English Bahasa indonesia
wind /ˈwaɪnd/, /ˈwɪnd/
  • movement of air
wind /ˈwaɪnd/, /ˈwɪnd/ menyusuri
solar wind
  • outflow of charged particles from the solar corona into space
angin matahari
wind chimes
  • chime made from suspended wooden, metal, etc. tubes, bells and rods that tinkle when moved by the wind
genta angin
lonceng angin
stellar wind
  • equivalent of solar wind
angin bintang
wind up
  • to dissolve a partnership or corporation and liquidate its assets
wind up
  • to tighten by winding or twisting
wind up
  • to conclude, complete, or finish
wind rose
  • meteorological diagram
mawar kompas
north wind
  • wind blowing from the north
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