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German noun

  /ˈd͡ʒɜː.mən/ , /ˈd͡ʒɝ.mən/
  • native or inhabitant of Germany; person of German citizenship or nationality
  • member of the Germanic ethnic group which is the most populous ethnic group in Germany
vokietis, vokietė
  • member of a Germanic tribe
germanas, germanė

German properNoun

  /ˈd͡ʒɜː.mən/ , /ˈd͡ʒɝ.mən/
  • the German language
vokiečių kalba, vokiečių

German adjective

  /ˈd͡ʒɜː.mən/ , /ˈd͡ʒɝ.mən/
  • of or relating to the country of Germany
  • of or relating to the German language
  • of or relating to the German people
vokiškas, vokiečių

Germanic adjective

  /d͡ʒɜːɹˈmæn.ɪk/ , /d͡ʒɜːˈmæn.ɪk/
  • having German characteristics
  • relating to the Germanic peoples

germane adjective

  /dʒɜː(ɹ)ˈmeɪn/ , /dʒɝˈmeɪn/
  • related to the topic being discussed
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