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can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/
  • a container used to carry and dispense water for plants
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/
  • a tin-plate canister
blik / blɪk/
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/
  • a more or less cylindrical vessel for liquids
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/ pot
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/
  • to preserve
inblikken /ˈɪmblɪkə(n)/
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/
  • to discard
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkɛn/
  • to shut up
stil houden
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkæːn/, /ˈkɛn/, [ˈkeən]
  • to be able
can /kən/, /ˈkæn/, /ˈkæːn/, /ˈkɛn/, [ˈkeən]
  • may
garbage can
  • waste receptacle
vuilnisbak /'vœylnɪsbɑk/
watering can
  • utensil for watering plants
can opener
  • device used to open tin cans
canned /kænd/
  • preserved in cans
can you help me
  • can you help me?
kan U mij helpen?
kan je mij helpen?
I can't find my ...
  • I can't find my ...
ik kan mijn ... niet vinden
beggars can't be choosers
  • when resources are limited, one must accept even substandard gifts
men mag een gegeven paard niet in de bek zien
you can say that again
  • that is very true
dat kan je gerust zeggen
zeg dat wel
bite off more than one can chew
  • To try to do too much
te veel hooi op de vork nemen
you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink
  • you can show someone how to do something, but you can't make them do it
met onwillige honden is het slecht hazen vangen
do you think you can walk
  • do you think you can walk?
denk je dat je kunt lopen?
where can I find a hotel
  • where can I find a hotel
waar kan ik een hotel vinden
you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar
  • It is easier to persuade others with polite requests and a positive attitude rather than with rude demands and negativity
vliegen vang je met stroop en niet met azijn
those who can't use their head must use their back wie zijn hoofd niet gebruikt moet zijn benen gebruiken
oil can oliekan
spraying can strooibus
canned vegetables blikgroente
as far as the eye can see zover het oog reikt
can't wait ernaar uitkijken om
tin can
  • container
can of worms
  • a complex, troublesome situation
can't be bothered
  • not have enthusiasm
more than one can shake a stick at
  • occurring in abundance
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