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cut /kʌt/
  • to intersect dividing into half
cut /kʌt/
  • colloquial, not to attend a class
cut /kʌt/
  • to divide with a sharp instrument
  • to perform an incision
snijden /ˈsnɛɪdə(n)/
cut /kʌt/
  • to cease recording
cut /kʌt/
  • to change direction suddenly
kappen /'kɑpə(n)/
cut /kʌt/
  • computing: to remove and place in memory
cut /kʌt/
  • to separate from prior association
scheiden /ˈsxɛi̯də(n)/
cut /kʌt/
  • to divide a pack of playing cards
schudden /ˈsxʏdə(n)/
cut /kʌt/
  • to form or shape by cutting
cut /kʌt/
  • to reduce
snijden /ˈsnɛɪdə(n)/
verminderen /vərˈmɪndərə(n)/
cut /kʌt/
  • to enter a queue in a wrong place
cut /kʌt/
  • result of cutting
snee /sne/
cut /kʌt/
  • opening resulting from cutting
snee /sne/
cut /kʌt/
  • manner or style a garment is fashioned in
cut /kʌt/
  • slab of meat
stuk /stɵk/
cut /kʌt/
  • of a gem, carved into a shape
cut /kʌt/
  • having been cut
clear cut
  • straightforward
duidelijk /ˈdœy̯dələk/
cutting /ˈkʌtɪŋ/
  • leaf, stem, branch, or root removed from a plant
cutting /ˈkʌtɪŋ/
  • newspaper clipping
bowl cut
  • haircut
cut down
  • bring down a tree
cut up
  • to aggressively move in front of another vehicle
snijden /ˈsnɛɪdə(n)/
cut off
  • to end abruptly
  • to isolate or remove from contact
  • to remove via cutting
cut off
  • to turn off an electrical device
cut off
  • to swerve in front of another car while driving
snijden /ˈsnɛɪdə(n)/
cut to the chase
  • to get to the point
cut flower snijbloem /'snɛiblum/
cut through doorsnijden
cleanly cut verzorgd
cut-off man afbreker
cutting oil snijolie
cut foliage snijgroen
cutting edge snijkant
cut up rough kafferen
cutting disc slijpschijf
cut-off time spertijd
cut-off wall schoeiing
cut-out ring uienring
peat cutting veenderij
cut and dried pasklaar
face of a cut snijkant
cutting frame snijtafel
cutting knife snijmes
cutting torch snijbrander
cut in inhakken
cut-throat razor scheermes /sxeːrmɛs/, /sχɪːrmɛs/
cutting blowpipe snijbrander
cutting of trees snoeiing
short cut binnenweg
cut loose lossnijden
cut-water loefbijter
cut in
  • to join a queue in the middle
cut in
  • to replace somebody's dancing partner
cut in
  • to intrude or interrupt
onderbreken /ɔndərˈbrekə(n)/
cut-off afknippen
cut out
  • stop working, be disconnected
(a person on the telephone): wegvallen
uitvallen /ˈœːtfɑlə(n)/, /ˈœːdvɑlə(n)/, /ˈœʏ̯tfɑlə(n)/
cut off one's nose to spite one's face
  • harm oneself as a result of trying to harm an adversary
wie zijn neus schendt schendt zijn aangezicht
cut one loose
  • fart
eentje laten vliegen
eentje loslaten
like a chicken with its head cut off
  • in a frantic, disorganized manner
als een kip zonder kop
cut edge snijkant
cut free lossnijden
cut away openwerken
desperate cuts must have desperate cures zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden
cutting pliers snijtang
cut-off region spergebied
cutting machine snijmachine
paper cutting machine snijmachine
pliers with cutting edges snijtang
cut one's teeth
  • gain early experience
vooraf oefenen
crew cut
  • a haircut
cut ties de banden verbreken
cut one's losses
  • discontinue an effort that seems unlikely to ever bear fruit
de handdoek in de ring gooien
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