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place /pleɪs/
  • to put in a specific location
place /pleɪs/
  • house or home
huis /ɦœʏ̯s/, /ɦœːs/, /hœːs/
thuis /tœʏs/, /tœːs/
place /pleɪs/
  • open space, courtyard, market square
plein /plɛin/
place /pleɪs/
  • numeric: the column counting a certain quantity
positie /po'zisi/
place /pleɪs/
  • location, position
plek /plɛk/
place /pleɪs/
  • area one occupies, particularly for sitting
take place
  • to happen
plaatsvinden /platsˈvɪndə(n)/
gebeuren /ɣə'bɵːrə(n)/
plaats hebben
place of worship
  • place where people can practise their faith
bedehuis /ˈbedəˌhœys/
gebedshuis /ɣəˈbɛtshœys/
in the first place /ɪn ðə ˈfɜːst pleɪs/, /ɪn ðə ˈfɜːst plæɪs/, /ɪn ðə ˈfɜ˞st pleɪs/
  • to begin with
in de eerste plaats
hiding place /ˈhaɪdɪŋpleɪs/
  • a place where something or someone may be hidden
place mat
  • protective table mat
abiding-place /əˈbaɪ.dɪŋ pleɪs/ woonplaats
decimal place
  • position of digit to the right of the decimal point
decimaal /desi'mal/
change places omwisselen /ˈɔmʋɪsələ(n)/
resting-place grafkuil
parking place parkeerplaats
mooring place ligplaats /'lɪxplats/
storage place ligplaats /'lɪxplats/
at that place aldaar
fishing place stekkie
all over the place alom
hiding-place verstopplaats
burial place begraafplaats
put in place opstellen
dining-place eetplaats
meeting place
  • place where people arrange to meet
between a rock and a hard place
  • having the choice between two unpleasant options
tussen pest en cholera
there's no place like home
  • one feels most comfortable at home
oost west, thuis best
place importance on
  • To consider something to be important
belang hechten aan
in first place vooreerst
crossing place oversteekplaats
place of safety refuge
in second place secundo
place of refuge heenkomen
the place to be hotspot
employment place werkhuis
wash place wasruimte
place of protection refuge
draw a place by lot inloten
resting and stopping place pleisterplaats
in place of
  • in place of
ter plaatse van
at places
  • at some places
her en der
place setting
  • items arranged for a person at a dining table
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