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smoke /sməʊk/, /smoʊk/ oproken
smoking /ˈsmoʊkɪŋ/, /ˈsməʊkɪŋ/
  • smoking of tobacco
smoke detector
  • device
smoking room
  • room designated for smokers
holy smoke
  • expression of surprise
wel heb ik ooit
smoke point rookpunt
frost smoke ijsmist
smoking out uitroken
smoked beef rookvlees
smoking pipe tabakspijp
powder-smoke kruitdamp
smoke damage rookschade
smoked bacon katenspek
smoked glass rookglas
smoke grenade
  • bomb that generates thick smoke
no smoking
  • phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted
verboden te roken
no smoke without fire
  • gossip and accusations are often substantiated by fact
waar rook is, is vuur
go up in smoke
  • be ruined
  • catch fire
in rook opgaan
second-hand smoke
  • smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in
tweedehandse rook
where there's smoke, there's fire
  • if there is telltale evidence of some event, the event is probably occurring
waar rook is is vuur
the smoke of a man's own house is better than the fire of another eigen haard is goud waard
smoked herring bokking
cloud of smoke rookwolk
smoked sausage rookworst
smell of smoke rooklucht
smoked leg ham achterham
smoking products rookwaar
smoking materials rookgerei
smoked cheese rookkaas
smoked shoulder ham schouderham
smoking-compartement rookcoupé
screening smoke shell rookgranaat
smoked /smoʊkt/, /sməʊkt/
  • of food, preserved by treatment with smoke
smoking jacket
  • men's jacket to be worn while smoking
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