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take /teɪk/
  • to receive or accept
take /teɪk/
  • to last or expend [an amount of time]
duren /'dyːrə(n)/
take /teɪk/
  • to get into one's possession
  • to grab and move to oneself
take /teɪk/
  • to get into one's hands or control
pakken /'pɑkə(n)/
take /teɪk/ nemen
take part
  • participate or join
deelnemen /ˈdelnemə(n)/
take part deelnemen /ˈdelnemə(n)/
meedoen /ˈmedun/
take place
  • to happen
plaatsvinden /platsˈvɪndə(n)/
gebeuren /ɣə'bɵːrə(n)/
plaats hebben
take back
  • to return something to a vendor for a refund
terugbrengen /təˈrʏxbrɛŋə(n)/
take on
  • To acquire, bring in, or introduce
take on
  • To begin to have or exhibit
take on
  • To attempt to fight or compete
take on
  • To assume responsibility for
take away afpakken
take revenge
  • to avenge; to get back at
take up oppakken /ˈɔpɑkə(n)/
take care
  • to be in charge of something
zorgen /'zɔrɣən/
take over
  • to assume control
take aim
  • position oneself and/or one's weapon
mikken /ˈmɪkə(n)/
take to heart
  • to take something seriously
ter harte nemen
take-home pay
  • net earnings of a wage earner
nettoloon /'nɛtolon/
take hostage
  • take custody or possession of a person as security for performance against a treaty, a pledge, or a demand, especially now an extra-legal demand
gijzelen /'ɣɛɪzələ(n)/
take the bull by the horns
  • to deal directly with a matter; to confront a difficulty
de koe bij de hoorns vatten
take turns
  • do the same thing one after another
afwisselen /ˈɑfʋɪsələ(n)/
take after aarden
take heart vermannen
take cover bergen
take out loshalen
take in bedotten
take-in indragen
take down
  • lower an item of clothing without removing it
take down
  • combat sports
take down
  • write a note, usually recording something that is said
take down
  • remove something from a hanging position
take down
  • remove something from a wall or similar vertical surface to which it is fixed
take down neersabelen
taking in opneming
take-over machtsovername
take action ageren
take a breather
  • to take a break
waaien /'ʋajə(n)/
take off
  • to become successful
een vlucht nemen
take care
  • good-bye
het ga je goed
hou je haaks
take care of
  • look after
zorgen voor
take advantage of
  • make use of
gebruik maken van
take advantage of
  • exploit
voordeel trekken uit
take it easy
  • relax (imperative)
doe rustig
kalm aan
take for granted
  • give little attention to or to underestimate the value of
als vanzelfsprekend beschouwen
take into account rekening houden
are you taking any medications
  • are you taking any medications?
gebruikt u medicijnen?
take advantage
  • make use of something
gebruikmaken van
take shape
  • take a definite form
vorm krijgen
take one's time
  • go about something slowly and carefully
de tijd nemen
take a picture
  • capture an image
een foto nemen
take into consideration berekening houden met
take time
  • to volunteer to spend one's time
de tijd nemen
take time
  • to require a long period of time
tijd nodig hebben
take the wind out of someone's sails
  • to discourage someone
iemand de wind uit de zeilen nemen
take the floor het woord nemen
take root
  • to grow roots into soil
wortel schieten
take at face value voetstoots aannemen
take to the mat op het matje roepen
take sustenance nuttigen /'nɵtəɣə(n)/
take charge of belasten
hostage taking gijzeling
down take pipe valpijp
take shelter schuilen
take prisoner gevangennemen
power take-off shaft aftakas
taking up one's duties indiensttreding
take one's measure for aanmeten
taking up of a position indiensttreding
take off make-up afschminken
take-off position startpositie
take things at a gentle pace onthaasten
take a powder
  • to run away
de hielen lichten
take pleasure
  • to have enjoyment
vrolijk zijn
take charge
  • assume control or responsibility
op zich nemen
take in
  • absorb; comprehend
take out
  • to remove
afgelasten /'ɑfxəˌlɑstə(n)/
take a bow /ˈteɪk ə ˈbaʊ/
  • to accept applause at the end of a performance
take a dip zwemmen
take after
  • to resemble in appearance or habit
take heart courage
take a look kijken
take effect
  • to become active; to become effective
take notice
  • to notice
take a stand
  • assert a position
kleur bekennen
take offense
  • feel and possibly show resentment
take the piss
  • to mock or ridicule (transitive)
verschalken /vər'sxɑlkə(n)/
take the point
  • to understand someone's argument
begrijpen /bə.χrɛɪ.pə(n)/
take lying down inslikken
take one's pick
  • choose
take the mickey
  • to ridicule or mock
verschalken /vər'sxɑlkə(n)/
take one's leave
  • say goodbye
take the liberty
  • act on one's own authority
take someone at their word letterlijk opvatten
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