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age noun

  • one of the stages of life
idade, edade
  • part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time
  • whole duration of a being
  • particular period of time in history
idade, era, época
  • advanced period of life; latter part of life
idade, velhice
  • great period in the history of the Earth
idade, época, era
  • a long time
  • generation
  • time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities

age verb

aged   /eɪd͡ʒ/
  • transitive: cause to grow old
  • intransitive: become old

aging noun

  • the deliberate process of making something (such as an antique) appear older than it is
  • the process of becoming older or more mature

-age suffix

  /eɪdʒ/ , /ɑʒ/ , /ɪdʒ/
  • collection or appurtenance
  • rate
  • process, action or result
-agem, -mento, -ção
  • state or relationship
-agem, -ção
  • place
  • charge, toll or fee
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