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black adjective

  • absorbing all light
preto, atro, negro
  • relating to people with dark skin
preto, negro, afrodescendente
  • of coffee or tea, without milk or other whitener
preto, negro
  • illegitimate, illegal or disgraced
negro, sombrio, preto
  • bad; evil
negro, atro, sombrio
  • without light
  • chess, checkers etc.: color opposing "white"
negro, preto

black noun

  • colour/color
  • dye, pigment
preto, negro
  • dark-skinned person
negro, negra
  • pen, pencil, etc. with black pigment
preto, preta
  • black cloth hung up at funerals

blackness noun

  • state or quality of being black
negridão, negror, negrura
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