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mean verb

meant   /miːn/
  • to result in; bring about
significar, representar
  • to convey, indicate
querer dizer, indicar
  • to signify
querer dizer, significar
  • to intend; plan on doing
pretender, tencionar
  • to have conviction in what one says
falar sério
  • to have intentions of some kind

mean noun

  • arithmetic mean
  • intermediate value
  • the statistical value
  • alto, in music
  • intermediate step
meio, passo
  • method by which something is done
meio, recurso

mean adjective

  • intending to cause harm, successfully or otherwise
mau, maldoso, ruim
  • low-minded; acting without consideration of others
mau, ruim
  • miserly, stingy
avarento, mesquinho, tacanho
  • powerful; fierce; harsh; damaging
cruel, terrível
  • accomplished with great skill; deft; hard to compete with
excelente, formidável, ótimo
  • low in quality; inferior
inferior, mau

mean adjective

  • middling; moderately good
  • having the mean as its value

mean verb

meaned   /miːn/
  • to pity, comfort
apiedar-se, compadecer-se
  • to complain, lament
lamentar, reclamar

meaning noun

  • symbolic value of something
  • definition or connotation of a word
  • significance of a thing, as "the meaning of life"
significado, sentido

means noun


meanness noun

  • a mean act
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