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class /klæs/, /klɑːs/
  • group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher
  • (programming, object-oriented) set of objects possibly differing in state but not behavior
  • category of seats in an airplane, train or other means of mass transportation
  • group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes
  • social grouping, based on job, wealth, etc.
  • division of society into classes
  • (set theory) collection of sets definable by a shared property
  • group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year
die Klasse (Pl.: die Klassen) {f}
class /klæs/, /klɑːs/
  • admirable behavior; elegance
die Klasse (Pl.: die Klassen) {f}
der Stil (Pl.: die Stile) {m}
class /klæs/, /klɑːs/
  • series of classes covering a single subject
der Unterricht (Pl.: die Unterrichte) {m}
class /klæs/, /klɑːs/
  • classification below Phylum and above Order
die Classis (Pl.: die Classes) {f}
die Klasse (Pl.: die Klassen) {f}
  • recognized for quality
middle class
  • social and economic class
die Mittelschicht (Pl.: die Mittelschichten) {f}
first class
  • belonging to the best group in a system of classification
first class
  • relating to the most luxurious class of accommodation
first class
  • programming: relating to a treatment like a first-class citizen
working class
  • social class doing physical work
die Arbeiterklasse (Pl.: die Arbeiterklassen) {f}
upper class /ˌʌpəˈklɑːs/, /ˌʌpɚˈklæs/
  • those people at the top of a social hierarchy
die Oberschicht (Pl.: die Oberschichten) {f}
upper class /ˌʌpəˈklɑːs/, /ˌʌpɚˈklæs/
  • aristocracy
class struggle
  • struggle between classes
der Klassenkampf (Pl.: die Klassenkämpfe) {m}
class warfare der Klassenkampf (Pl.: die Klassenkämpfe) {m}
class action
  • lawsuit
die Sammelklage (Pl.: die Sammelklagen) {f}
equivalence class
  • Any one of the subsets into which an equivalence relation partition is set
die Äquivalenzklasse (Pl.: die Äquivalenzklassen) {f}
class reunion
  • planned event
das Klassentreffen (Pl.: die Klassentreffen) {n}
middle-class die Mittelschicht (Pl.: die Mittelschichten) {f}
weight class die Gewichtsklasse (Pl.: die Gewichtsklassen) {f}
classes /kleəsɪz/, /klasɪz/, /klæsɪz/, /ˈklæsiːz/, /klɑːsɪz/ der Unterricht (Pl.: die Unterrichte) {m}
classis die Classis (Pl.: die Classes) {f}
class test die Klassenarbeit (Pl.: die Klassenarbeiten) {f}
first-class erstklassig
middle classes Mittelstand {m}
class conflict der Klassenkampf (Pl.: die Klassenkämpfe) {m}
German classes Deutschunterricht {m}
abstract class
  • in software - a class which cannot be instantiated
abstrakte Klasse
class variable Klassenvariable
anonymous class anonyme Klasse
base class Basisklasse
noun class
  • a category into which nouns may be organised
  • most inferior in quality or standing
dritter Klasse
  • inferior in quality or standing
zweiter Klasse
class diagram
  • type of static structure diagram
final class finale Klasse
spectral class
  • a classification of stars
class envy
  • envy against upper class
  • using entities called objects
inner class
  • object-oriented programming
innere Klasse
outer class
  • programming: class that contains an inner class
äußere Klasse
static class
  • programming: a class that cannot be instantiated
statische Klasse
first-class object First-Class-Objekt
third-class object Third-Class-Objekt
second-class object
  • programming entity
class-based programming klassenbasierte Programmierung
class-based language objektbasierte Sprache
middle-class house das Bürgerhaus (Pl.: die Bürgerhäuser) {n}
substitution class die Substitutionsklasse (Pl.: die Substitutionsklassen) {f}
working-class family die Arbeiterfamilie (Pl.: die Arbeiterfamilien) {f}
sit in on classes hospitieren
bogey of the middle classes der Bürgerschreck (Pl.: die Bürgerschrecke) {m}
class teacher der Klassenlehrer (Pl.: die Klassenlehrer) {m}
evening class der Abendkurs (Pl.: die Abendkurse) {m}
class spokesman der Klassensprecher (Pl.: die Klassensprecher) {m}
lower class
  • class of people
die Unterklasse (Pl.: die Unterklassen) {f}
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First-Class- first class
First-Class-Objekt first-class object
Third-Class-Objekt third-class object
Second-Class-Objekt second-class object
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