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cow /kaʊ/
  • female domesticated ox or other bovine
  • female of various species of mammal
  • derogatory: despicable woman
die Kuh (Pl.: die Kühe) {f}
cow /kaʊ/
  • any domestic bovine regardless of sex or age
das Rind (Pl.: die Rinder) {n}
die Kuh (Pl.: die Kühe) {f}
cow's milk /ˈkaʊ̯z.ˌmɛlk/, /ˈkaʊ̯z.ˌmɪlk/, [ˈkʰaʊ̯z.ˌmɪɫkʰ]
  • white liquid produced by the mammary glands of a cow
Kuhmilch {f}
mad cow disease
  • bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Rinderwahnsinn {m}
cow pat
  • digested residue of a cow
der Kuhfladen (Pl.: die Kuhfladen) {m}
  • plant of genus Melampyrum
der Wachtelweizen (Pl.: die Wachtelweizen) {m}
mad cow
  • mad cow disease
Rinderwahn {m}
Rinderwahnsinn {m}
cowed /kaʊd/
  • frightened into submission
cow-hocked kuhhackig
sea cow die Seekuh (Pl.: die Seekühe) {f}
cow fur das Kuhfell (Pl.: die Kuhfelle) {n}
cow milk Kuhmilch {f}
cow dung der Kuhfladen (Pl.: die Kuhfladen) {m}
cow-weed der Wachtelweizen (Pl.: die Wachtelweizen) {m}
cow parsley
  • a weedy biennial umbellifer
cash cow
  • something that generates free cash flow
cash cow
  • someone or something which is a dependable source of appreciable amounts of money
cow elephant
  • female elephant
weiblicher Elefant
tipping the sacred cow eine heilige Kuh schlachten
dairy cow
  • cow bred for the ability to produce large quantities of milk
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