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cream /kɹiːm/
  • oily part of milk
Sahne {f}
Rahm {m}
Obers {n}
cream /kɹiːm/
  • product to apply to the skin
  • the best part
Creme {f}
cream /kɹiːm/
  • colour
Creme {f}
cream /kɹiːm/
  • to obliterate, to win over someone else quite decisively
cream /kɹiːm/
  • to cream vegetables
cream /kɹiːm/
  • colour
ice cream /aɪsˈkɹiːm/, /ˈaɪs.kɹiːm/, /ˌaɪsˈkɹiːm/
  • dessert
das Eis (Pl.: die Eis) {n}
Eiscreme {f}
Speiseeis {n}
ice cream /aɪsˈkɹiːm/, /ˈaɪs.kɹiːm/, /ˌaɪsˈkɹiːm/
  • in a cone
das Eis (Pl.: die Eis) {n}
whipped cream
  • thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating
Schlagsahne {f}
Schlagobers {n}
sour cream
  • cream which has been treated with a benign bacterium
Sauerrahm {m}
saure Sahne
ice cream parlor
  • business
das Eiscafé (Pl.: die Eiscafés) {n}
die Eisdiele (Pl.: die Eisdielen) {f}
der Eissalon (Pl.: die Eissalons) {m}
ice cream maker
  • machine used to make homemade ice cream
die Eismaschine (Pl.: die Eismaschinen) {f}
cream cheese
  • milk-based cheese product
der Frischkäse (Pl.: die Frischkäse) {m}
cream of tartar
  • potassium hydrogen tartrate
Weinstein {m}
moisturising cream
  • cream that moisturises the skin
Feuchtigkeitscreme {f}
whipping cream
  • cream suitable for whipping
Schlagsahne {f}
whipping cream Obers {n}
ice-cream cone die Eistüte (Pl.: die Eistüten) {f}
soft ice cream Softeis {n}
spray cream Sprühsahne {f}
cream sauce die Rahmsoße (Pl.: die Rahmsoßen) {f}
night cream Nachtcreme {f}
suntan cream die Sonnencreme (Pl.: die Sonnencremes) {f}
coffee cream Kaffeesahne {f}
ice cream parlour das Eiscafé (Pl.: die Eiscafés) {n}
vanilla ice cream Vanilleeis {n}
ice cream freezer die Eismaschine (Pl.: die Eismaschinen) {f}
moisturizing cream Feuchtigkeitscreme {f}
face cream Gesichtscreme {f}
skin cream Hautcreme {f}
hand cream Handcreme {f}
cream puff
  • hollow pastry filled with cream or custard
ice cream cone
  • conical confection for holding ice cream
clotted cream
  • thick cream
shaving cream
  • a substance that is applied to the face to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving
confectioner's cream
  • cream used by confectioners
geschlagene Sahne
BB cream /ˈbiː biː ˈkɹiːm/
  • facial cosmetic product
BB Cream
snow cream
  • dessert made with cream, rosewater and sugar, which looks like snow
  • dessert made with milk or cream and snow
chocolate ice cream Schokoladeneis {n}
raspberry ice cream Himbeereis {n}
strawberry ice cream Erdbeereis {n}
lemon ice cream Zitroneneis {n}
day cream Tagescreme {f}
ice cream truck
  • vehicle
cream cake
  • a cake filled, layered or topped with cream or custard
die Cremetorte (Pl.: die Cremetorten) {f}
cream of the crop
  • the best
Sahne {f}
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BB Cream BB cream /ˈbiː biː ˈkɹiːm/
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