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ice /aɪs/, /ʌɪs/
  • water in frozen form
  • icehockey: area where game is played
  • frozen dessert
  • frozen volatile chemical
das Eis (Pl.: die Eis) {n}
ice /aɪs/, /ʌɪs/
  • to freeze
ice cream /aɪsˈkɹiːm/, /ˈaɪs.kɹiːm/, /ˌaɪsˈkɹiːm/
  • dessert
das Eis (Pl.: die Eis) {n}
Eiscreme {f}
Speiseeis {n}
ice cream /aɪsˈkɹiːm/, /ˈaɪs.kɹiːm/, /ˌaɪsˈkɹiːm/
  • in a cone
das Eis (Pl.: die Eis) {n}
Speiseeis {n}
ice hockey
  • hockey
Eishockey {n}
ice age
  • period of extensive glaciation (glacial period)
die Eiszeit (Pl.: die Eiszeiten) {f}
ice age
  • period of glaciation at the poles
das Eiszeitalter (Pl.: die Eiszeitalter) {n}
ice-cold /ˈʌɪskəʊld/
  • as cold as ice
  • Note: these translations are a guide only. For more precise translations, see individual words ending in -ic
ice skate
  • a light boot, fitted with a blade, used for skating on ice
der Schlittschuh (Pl.: die Schlittschuhe) {m}
icing /ˈaɪsɪŋ/
  • sweet glaze used for baked goods
die Glasur (Pl.: die Glasuren) {f}
der Zuckerguss (Pl.: die Zuckergüsse) {m}
icing /ˈaɪsɪŋ/
  • process of forming a layer of ice
ice cube
  • small piece of ice used for cooling drinks
der Eiswürfel (Pl.: die Eiswürfel) {m}
black ice
  • invisible film of ice
Glatteis {n}
Blitzeis {n}
iced coffee
  • beverage
der Eiskaffee (Pl.: die Eiskaffees) {m}
cold as ice
  • very cold
iced tea
  • beverage
der Eistee (Pl.: die Eistees) {m}
ice cream parlor
  • business
die Eisdiele (Pl.: die Eisdielen) {f}
das Eiscafé (Pl.: die Eiscafés) {n}
der Eissalon (Pl.: die Eissalons) {m}
ice cream maker
  • machine used to make homemade ice cream
die Eismaschine (Pl.: die Eismaschinen) {f}
dry ice
  • carbon dioxide frozen in the solid state
Trockeneis {n}
ice over
  • to become covered in ice
break the ice /ˈbɹeɪk ði ˈaɪs/
  • to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness
das Eis brechen
pack ice
  • large consolidated mass of floating sea ice
Packeis {n}
ice wine
  • a sweet wine made from grapes that are harvested after being frozen on the vine
der Eiswein (Pl.: die Eisweine) {m}
ice axe
  • axe used by mountaineers to cut footholds in the ice
der Eispickel (Pl.: die Eispickel) {m}
ice skating
  • the act, or the sport, of skating on ice
Eislaufen {n}
ice dancing
  • figure skating
Eistanzen {n}
dead ice
  • former glacier ice that is no longer connected to the active glacier
Toteis {n}
ice fog
  • a dense fog that consists of fine particles of ice
der Eisnebel (Pl.: die Eisnebel) {m}
  • fields of knowledge or practice
ice sheet
  • broad glacial mass
die Eisschicht (Pl.: die Eisschichten) {f}
ice field
  • expanse of floating ice
das Eisfeld (Pl.: die Eisfelder) {n}
ice scraper der Eiskratzer (Pl.: die Eiskratzer) {m}
ice milk
  • ice cream -like product made of milk
Milcheis {n}
on thin ice
  • at risk
auf dünnem Eis
drift ice
  • detached, floating slabs of ice
Treibeis {n}
ice box der Kühlschrank (Pl.: die Kühlschränke) {m}
sea ice Meereis {n}
ice pop Wassereis {n}
ice tea der Eistee (Pl.: die Eistees) {m}
Ice Age das Eiszeitalter (Pl.: die Eiszeitalter) {n}
ice-box das Eisfach (Pl.: die Eisfächer) {n}
ice rink
  • a surface for ice skating
die Eisbahn (Pl.: die Eisbahnen) {f}
iced /ˈaɪst/ eisbedeckt
ice-floe die Eisscholle (Pl.: die Eisschollen) {f}
pack-ice Packeis {n}
ice cream parlour das Eiscafé (Pl.: die Eiscafés) {n}
vanilla ice cream Vanilleeis {n}
ice cream freezer die Eismaschine (Pl.: die Eismaschinen) {f}
ice hockey player der Eishockeyspieler (Pl.: die Eishockeyspieler) {m}
water ice Wassereis {n}
ice wedge der Eiskeil (Pl.: die Eiskeile) {m}
icing sugar Puderzucker {m}
ice crystal der Eiskristall (Pl.: die Eiskristalle) {m}
methane ice das Methanhydrat (Pl.: die Methanhydrate) {n}
ice-covered eisbedeckt
ice ax der Eispickel (Pl.: die Eispickel) {m}
ice-cream cone die Eistüte (Pl.: die Eistüten) {f}
soft ice cream Softeis {n}
iced chocolate die Eisschokolade (Pl.: die Eisschokoladen) {f}
de-ice /diːˈaɪs/
  • remove ice
ice cream cone
  • conical confection for holding ice cream
  • skate on ice
Eis laufen
the icing on the cake
  • something that intensifies the appreciation of something else
das Sahnehäubchen auf dem Kuchen
ice sculpture
  • sculpture carved from ice
ice cave
  • natural cave that contains significant amounts of perennial ice
ice water
  • ice water
skate on thin ice
  • to be in potentially risky situation
sich auf dünnem Eis bewegen
ice climbing
  • activity of ascending inclined ice formations
ice cap
  • permanent expanse of ice
ice fish
  • fishing on ice
hole in the ice die Wuhne (Pl.: die Wuhnen) {f}
lemon ice cream Zitroneneis {n}
sheet of ice die Eisdecke (Pl.: die Eisdecken) {f}
stagnant ice Toteis {n}
chocolate ice cream Schokoladeneis {n}
raspberry ice cream Himbeereis {n}
strawberry ice cream Erdbeereis {n}
ice-cooled eisgekühlt
ice cream truck
  • vehicle
ice lolly
  • frozen juice
Eis am Stiel
iced /ˈaɪst/
  • very cold
on ice /ɑn ˈaɪs/, /ɒn ˈaɪs/
  • performed by ice skaters as an ice show
das Eis (Pl.: die Eis) {n}
ice pop
  • frozen juice on a stick
Fruchteis {n}
ice pack
  • large floating mass of ice
Packeis {n}
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ICE {m} express train
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