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shit noun

  • (countable, uncountable, colloquial, vulgar) Solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels; feces.
Scheiße, Kacke, Scheisse
  • (countable, vulgar, colloquial) A nasty, despicable person, used particularly of men.
Scheißkerl, Drecksack, Mistkerl
  • (uncountable, slang, vulgar) Anything exceptional or remarkable.
(einen) Scheiß, Scheiße
  • (uncountable, vulgar, colloquial) Nonsense; bullshit.
Scheiss, Scheiß, Scheiße
  • (uncountable, vulgar, colloquial) Rubbish; worthless matter.
Scheiß, Scheiße

shit verb

  • (transitive, reflexive) To defecate on; to soil through defecating.
scheißen, kacken
  • (transitive, vulgar, colloquial) To excrete (something) through the anus.
  • (transitive, vulgar, colloquial) To fool or try to fool someone; to be deceitful.
Schiss haben

shit adjective

  • (vulgar, colloquial) Of poor quality; worthless.
beschissen, Scheiße
  • (vulgar, colloquial) Nasty; despicable.
fies, Scheiße

shits noun

  • (colloquial, vulgar) .
Durchfall, Dünnschiss

shitting adjective

  • (vulgar) An intensifier, often applying more to the whole utterance than to the specific word it modifies; same as fucking.

shit interjection

  • (vulgar) Expression of worry, failure, shock, etc., often at something seen for the first time or remembered immediately before using this term.

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