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friend noun

  /frɪnd/ , /fɹɛnd/ , [fɹ̥ɛnd̥]
  • A person, typically someone other than a family member, spouse or lover, whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.
ami, copain, amie, copine
  • (euphemistic) A lover; a boyfriend or girlfriend.
copain, copine, petit ami, petite amie
  • An associate who provides assistance.
  • A person with whom one is vaguely or indirectly acquainted.
  • A person who backs or supports something.
ami, amie
  • (informal) An object or idea that can be used for good.

friend verb

  /frɪnd/ , /fɹɛnd/ , [fɹ̥ɛnd̥]
  • (transitive, obsolete) To act as a friend to, to befriend; to be friendly to, to help.
se lier d'amitié



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