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fuck verb

  /fʊk/ , /fʌk/ , [fʌkʰ]
  • (vulgar, colloquial, intransitive) To have sexual intercourse; to copulate.
  • (vulgar, colloquial, transitive) To insert one's penis, a dildo, or other object, into a person or a specified orifice or cleft sexually; to penetrate.
baiser, niquer, foutre, sauter, fourrer, enculer
  • (vulgar, colloquial, transitive) To put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation.

fuck interjection

  /fʊk/ , /fʌk/ , [fʌkʰ]
  • (vulgar, colloquial) Expressing dismay or discontent.
putain, merde, câlisse, osti, tabarnak

fuck noun

  /fʊk/ , /fʌk/ , [fʌkʰ]
  • (vulgar, colloquial) An act of sexual intercourse.
baise, baisage
  • (vulgar, colloquial) A sexual partner, especially a casual one.
baise, baiseuse
  • (vulgar, colloquial) A highly contemptible person.
connard, connasse

fucking noun

  /ˈfʌkɪn/ , /ˈfʌkɪŋ/
  • (vulgar) An act of sexual intercourse, especially one lacking passion or a feeling of sincere love.

fucking adjective

  /ˈfʌkɪn/ , /ˈfʌkɪŋ/
  • (vulgar) An intensifier, often applying more to the whole utterance than to the specific word it grammatically modifies.
putain de, câlisse de, ostie de
  • (vulgar) Offensive, annoying or worthless.
putain de, foutu, foutue, maudit, maudite, sale

fucking adverb

  /ˈfʌkɪn/ , /ˈfʌkɪŋ/
  • (vulgar) Really, very; having intensive force, often applying to the whole sentence or clause.
putain de

fucked adjective

  • (vulgar) Irreparably or catastrophically broken.



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  /fœk/ , /fɔk/
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