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head noun

  • part of the body
  • end of hammer, axe, golf club etc.
  • blunt end of a nail, screw etc.
tête, caboche
  • leader, chief, mastermind
chef, tête
  • headmaster, headmistress
directeur, directrice
  • foam on carbonated beverages
mousse, chapeau de mousse
  • mental aptitude or skill
aptitudes, dispositions, tête
  • topmost or leading part
bout, tête
  • toilet of a ship
cabinet de toilettes, tinettes
calme, sang-froid
  • clump of seeds, leaves or flowers
  • linguistics: morpheme that determines the category of a compound
  • nautical: top edge of a sail
point de drisse

head verb

headed   /ˈhɛd/
  • to move in a specified direction
diriger, aller, courir
  • to be in command of
chapeauter, commander, diriger
  • to strike with the head
faire une tête

head adjective

  • of, relating to, or intended for the head
tête, caboche

heading noun

  • title
  • direction
cap, orientation

heads noun

  • side of coin
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