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mean verb

meant   /miːn/
  • to convey, indicate
  • to signify
  • to result in; bring about
signifier, vouloir dire
  • to intend to express, to imply, to hint at, to allude
  • to intend; plan on doing
avoir l'intention, entendre faire
  • to have intentions of some kind
  • to intend (something) for a given purpose or fate
vouloir dire

mean adjective

  • intending to cause harm, successfully or otherwise
méchant, cruel
  • low in quality; inferior
inférieur, inférieure

mean noun

  • intermediate value
  • arithmetic mean
  • the statistical value
  • method by which something is done

mean adjective

  • having the mean as its value

meaning noun

  • definition or connotation of a word
  • symbolic value of something
sens, signification
  • significance of a thing, as "the meaning of life"
signification, sens

means noun

  • resources
  • instrument or condition for attaining a purpose

meanness noun

  • a mean act
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