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pays noun {m}

  /pe.i/ , /pɛ.i/
  • (Par métonymie) Nation, État
country, nation, state
  • (Géographie) Territoire d’une nation
country, land
  • Province natale
  • Zone géographique, du point de vue du climat, de la fertilité, etc
land, country, countryside

pays noun {m}

compatriot, countryman, fellow, fellow-countryman

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pay noun

  /peɪ/ , [pʰeɪ]
  • Money given in return for work; salary or wages.
paye, paie

pay verb

  /peɪ/ , [pʰeɪ]
  • (transitive) To give money or other compensation to in exchange for goods or services.
payer, donner
  • (transitive) To be profitable for.
  • (intransitive) To discharge an obligation or debt.
  • (intransitive) To suffer consequences.
  • (ambitransitive) To discharge, as a debt or other obligation, by giving or doing what is due or required.
payer, régler, verser

pay adjective

  /peɪ/ , [pʰeɪ]
  • Operable or accessible on deposit of coins.
  • Pertaining to or requiring payment.
payant, payante


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