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time noun

  /taɪm/ , /tɑɪm/ , /tɜːm/ , [tʰaɪ̯m] , [tʰɑe̯m]
  • inevitable passing of events
  • quantity of availability in time
  • measurement of a quantity of time
  • measurement under some system of the time of day or moment in time
  • division of the day: particular moment or hour
  • numerical indication of a particular moment in time
  • person's experiences or biography
  • youth or young adulthood
  • instance or occurrence
  • ratio of comparison
  • time of day, as indicated by a clock, etc
heure, heure du jour
  • extended period of time, defined or undefined: age, era, etc.
époque, ère
  • slang: serving of a prison sentence
  • experience
époque, temps

time verb

timed   /taɪm/ , /tɑɪm/ , /tɜːm/ , [tʰaɪ̯m] , [tʰɑe̯m]
  • to measure time

times preposition

  /taɪmz/ , /tɑemz/ , /tɜːmz/
  • multiplied by

timely adjective

  • happening or appearing at the proper time
au bon moment, opportun

timing noun

  • time when something happens
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