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Andes Andes /ˈæn.diːz/
English Nederlands
Andes /ˈæn.diːz/
  • mountain range in South America
and /ænd/, /ənd/
  • used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera
  • used at the end of a list to indicate the last item
  • used to string together sentences or sentence fragments in chronological order
now and then /ˌnaʊ ən(d) ˈðɛn/
  • (idiomatic) sometimes; occasionally; intermittently
af en toe
nu en dan
Castile and León
  • autonomous community of Spain
Castilië en León
one and a half
  • one and a half
and so forth
  • indicating a list continues similarly
en zo voorts
hide and seek
  • game
odds and ends
  • miscellaneous things
van alles en nog wat
to and fro
  • back and forth
heen en weer
op en neer
ever and anon
  • now and then
af en toe
nu en dan
all and sundry
  • all; everyone
Jan en alleman
over and above
  • supplementary
over and above
  • in addition to
  • between sweet and sour taste
rank and file
  • enlisted soldiers
far and wide
  • over a great distance or large area
wijd en zijd
toss and turn
  • unable to lie still
track and field
  • group of athletic sports
  • displaying images in shades of grey/gray
  • using shades of grey/gray
  • placeholder name
pins and needles tinteling
bread and butter boterham /ˈbotərhɑm/
rag-and-bone man voddenman
rock and roll /ˈɹɒk ənd ˈɹəʊl/ rock-'n-roll
Daman and Diu /dəˈmɑːn ən ˈdiːuː/ Daman en Diu
free and easy ongedwongen
cut and dried pasklaar
cap and bells zotskap
off and on af en toe
fore and aft langsscheeps
fore-and-aft langsgetuigd
bill and coo koeren
son and heir stamhouder /'stɑmhɑudər/
and also daarenboven
and so on enzovoorts
sick and tired beu /bø/
on and off
  • intermittently
af en toe
dine and dash
  • leaving a restaurant without paying after eating
by and large
  • mostly, generally; with few exceptions
over het geheel genomen
Adam and Eve
  • the first man and woman (according to Genesis)
Adam en Eva
safe and sound
  • having come to no harm
veilig en wel
more and more
  • progressively more
meer en meer
if and only if
  • implies and is implied by
dan en slechts dan als
als en slechts als
slash and burn
  • technique
hakken en branden
bow and arrow /bəʊ(.)ən(d.)æɹəʊ/
  • weapon
pijl en boog
time and again
  • often; repeatedly
keer op keer
day and night
  • all the time
dag en nacht
pros and cons
  • for and against
voordelen en nadelen
and/or /ˈændɔː(ɹ)/
  • inclusive "or"
lo and behold
  • used to express surprise
kijk eens!
neen maar!
lost and found
  • department, service or location where items that are found can be claimed by their owners
gevonden voorwerpen
yes and no
  • indicating there is no simple "yes" or "no" answer
ja en nee
kith and kin
  • both friends and family
bloed- en zielverwanten
and how /ˈænd ˈhaʊ/
  • strong confirmation of preceding
en hoe!
an arm and a leg
  • exorbitant amount
een rib uit het lijf
neck and neck
  • very close in progress
nek aan nek
tooth and nail
  • viciously
met hand en tand
divide and rule
  • Divide and conquer
deel en heers
divide et impera
verdeel en heers
said and done
  • agreed to and accomplished or finished
zo gezegd, zo gedaan
this and that
  • things
null and void
  • invalid, cancelled, unenforceable
van nul en gener waarde
up and down
  • upward and downward, alternately
op en neer
  • clean, spotless
spik en span
here and now
  • present situation
hier en nu
ebb and flow
  • flowing out and in of the tide
eb en vloed
room and board
  • place for lodging with daily meals
kamer met volpension
black and blue
  • covered in bruises
bont en blauw
part and parcel
  • essential piece
integrerend deel
tits and ass
  • entertainment involving scantily clad women
tieten en kont
drum and bass
  • genre of electronic music
drum and bass
warp and woof
  • threads in a woven fabric
schering en inslag
warts and all
  • of a description which does not conceal shortcomings or imperfections
in de staat waarin het zich bevindt
wratten en al inbegrepen
ins and outs
  • the details or fine points
hoe de vork in de steel zit
and then some
  • confirming the preceding utterance
en nog wat
thick and thin
  • both good and bad times
dik en dun
beck and call
  • summons and control, in a position as an attendant or servant
iemand op zijn wenken bedienen
aid and abet hand- en spandiensten bewijzen
yes and amen
  • Emphatic agreement
ja en amen
neck and crop
  • completely and with violence
met kop en kont
life and limb
  • existence together with bodily faculties
lijf en leden
dead and buried
  • moot, passed
dood en begraven
and ... as well daarenboven
here and there
  • in one place and another
her en der
over and over
  • repeatedly
meerdere keren
and all
  • idiomatic: used to suggest certain unstated relevant implications or what has been stated
en de hele santenkraam
bag and baggage
  • with all one's possessions
met de hele familie
worm and wheel
  • A gear arrangement
pitch and toss
  • game played by tossing a coin and calling heads or tails
kruis of munt
hit and run
  • the crime of causing an accident and leaving
  • complete
door en door
Mr. and Mrs.
  • Title of a married couple
  • emerging, aspiring
wear and tear /ˈwɛəɹənˈtɛəɹ/
  • damage or depreciation
wine and dine
  • to entertain someone with a fine meal
back and forth
  • from one place to another and back again
back and forth
  • movement (of someone or something) forward followed by a return to the same position
ball and chain
  • means of restraint
left and right
  • all over the place
black and white
  • cookie
black and white
  • slang: police patrol car
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