English Nederlands
help /hɛlp/
  • action given to provide assistance
  • textual support of a software application
hulp /ɦʏlp/
help /hɛlp/
  • transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something)
  • contribute in some way to
  • intransitive: provide assistance
help /hɛlp/
  • cry of distress
helpful /ˈhɛlp.fʊl/
  • furnishing help; giving aid; useful
  • bettering oneself without relying on the assistance of others
do you need help
  • Do you need help?
heb je hulp nodig?
heeft u hulp nodig?
can you help me
  • can you help me?
kan U mij helpen?
kan je mij helpen?
thanks for your help
  • thanks for your help
dank U voor uw hulp
so help me God
  • phrase used as a promise that an action will be carried out
zo helpe mij God
please help me
  • please help me
help me alsjeblieft
help is on the way
  • help is on the way
hulp is onderweg
lady help assistente
help think meedenken /ˈmedɛŋkə(n)/
victim help slachtofferhulp
self-help housing zelfbouw
helping hand
  • any assistance, help or aid
duwtje in de rug
self-help book zelfhulpboek
self-help technique zelfhulptechniek
help out
  • provide assistance
help oneself
  • take something freely
dienen /ˈdinən/
Nederlands English
help /ɦɛɫp/ help /hɛlp/
help! help /hɛlp/
lieve help ! heavens above
help me alsjeblieft please help me
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