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that /ðət/, /ˈd̪æt/, /ˈðæt/, /ˈðɛt/
  • connecting a clause indicating purpose ("final")
that /ðət/, /ˈd̪æt/, /ˈðæt/, /ˈðɛt/
  • connecting a noun clause
that /ðət/, /ˈd̪æt/, /ˈðæt/, /ˈðɛt/
  • to a given extent or degree
  • to a great extent or degree, very
that /ðət/, /ˈd̪æt/, /ˈðæt/, /ˈðɛt/
  • which
that /ðət/, /ˈd̪æt/, /ˈðæt/, /ˈðɛt/
  • that thing
that /ðət/, /ˈd̪æt/, /ˈðæt/, /ˈðɛt/
  • what is being indicated
all's well that ends well
  • A happy ending makes up for everything that has gone before...
eind goed, al goed
so that
  • in order to
that is
  • in other words
namelijk /ˈnamələk/
dat wil zeggen
met andere woorden
in order that
  • so that
like that zus /zʏs/
that much zoveel
that way zus /zʏs/
off that daaraf /ˈdarɑf/
like that
  • in that particular manner
like that
  • quickly; unexpectedly
provided that mits /mɪts/
at that place aldaar
isn't that so nietwaar /ˈnitʋar/
what is that
  • what is that?
wat is dat
all that glitters is not gold
  • things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so
het is niet alles goud wat er blinkt
that's it
  • There is nothing more to the issue
dat was het
that one
  • specified object
that said
  • even so
dat gezegd hebbende
the straw that broke the camel's back
  • small additional burden which causes failure
de druppel die de emmer doet overlopen
that's that
  • there is nothing more to say or to do concerning the matter
daarmee uit
be that as it may
  • nevertheless
hoe dan ook
you can say that again
  • that is very true
dat kan je gerust zeggen
zeg dat wel
now that
  • since
exception that proves the rule
  • occurrence of counterexample
uitzondering die de regel bevestigt
at that
  • in addition
nog ... ook
nog wel
been there, done that
  • assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or topic
al gezien al gedaan
this and that
  • things
just like that
  • without warning
zo maar ineens
powers that be
  • holders of power
gevestigde orde
or words to that effect
  • used to indicate a paraphrase
of woorden van die strekking
to that end
  • for that reason
te dien einde
that's what she said
  • retort
dat zei mijn vrouw vannacht ook
that's for me to know and you to find out
  • a phrase used to reply to a question whose answer the speaker doesn't want to reveal
dat is voor jou een vraag en voor mij een weet
the floorboard that separates the, attic from the rest of the building zoldering
that's no small fry dat is geen klein bier
for the reason that doordat
that ... over there gene
that's no small beer dat is geen klein bier
that's no small potatoes dat is geen klein bier
behind that daarachter /ˈdarɑxtər/
outside of that daarbuiten /darˈbœytə(n)/
in that case dan
all that jazz
  • everything else related to something; other similar things
en de hele santenkraam
cross that bridge when one comes to it
  • deal with something only when it arises
komt tijd komt raad
given that
  • in consideration of the fact that
gelet op
failing that anders
to think that denken
that'll be the day
  • said in reply to something that one believes will never happen
op sint juttemis, als de klaveren op het ijs dansen
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