English Norsk
fall /fɑl/, /fɔl/, /fɔːl/
  • act of moving in gas or vacuum under the effect of gravity from a point to a lower point
  • loss of greatness or status
fall {n}
fall /fɑl/, /fɔl/, /fɔːl/
  • a period of decline before the end
nedgang {m}
fall /fɑl/, /fɔl/, /fɔːl/
  • move to a lower position under the effect of gravity
fall /fɑl/, /fɔl/, /fɔːl/
  • prostrate oneself
kaste seg
fall asleep
  • to pass into sleep
fall asleep
  • euphemism for "to die"
sovne inn
pride comes before a fall
  • Translations
hovmod står for fall
fall in love
  • to come to have feelings of love
WRONG : little strokes fell great oaks, er tilsvarende det norske ordtaket "Dråpen uthuler stenen, ikke ved makt, men ved stadig å falle", og har ikke samme mening som ordtaket "Liten tue kan velte stort lass" liten tue kan velte stort lass
fall ill
  • become ill
falls /fɑlz/, /fɔːlz/
  • A waterfall
foss {m}
fall guy
  • a scapegoat
due {f}
fall guy
  • one who is easily duped
pære {f}
fall down
  • to fall to the ground
fall behind
  • to be late
fall pregnant
  • to become pregnant
Norsk English
fall {n} fall /fɔl/, /fɔːl/, /fɑl/
i så fall then /ðɛn/, /ðen/
i verste fall worst comes to worst
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