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second adjective

  /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ , /ˈsɛk.(ə)nt/ , /ˈsɛkənd/ , /ˈsɛkɪnd/
  • Number-two; following after the first one with nothing between them. The ordinal number corresponding to the cardinal number two.
drugi, druga

second noun

  /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ , /ˈsɛk.(ə)nt/
  • A unit of time historically and commonly defined as a sixtieth of a minute which the International System of Units more precisely defines as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of radiation corresponding to the transition between two hyperfine levels of caesium-133 in a ground state at a temperature of absolute zero and at rest.
  • (informal) A short, indeterminate amount of time.
sekunda, chwila, moment
  • A unit of angle equal to one-sixtieth of a minute of arc or one part in 3600 of a degree.

second noun

  /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ , /ˈsɛk.(ə)nt/ , /ˈsɛkənd/ , /ˈsɛkɪnd/
  • (music) The interval between two adjacent notes in a diatonic scale (either or both of them may be raised or lowered from the basic scale via any type of accidental).

second noun

  /səˈkɑnd/ , /səˈkɒnd/ , /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ , /ˈsɛk.(ə)nt/
  • One who supports another in a contest or combat, such as a dueller's assistant.

seconds noun

  /ˈsɛk.əndz/ , /ˈsɛk.ənts/ , /ˈsɛkəndz/
  • A second helping of food for one person, or refill of coffee or other drink.
dokładka, dolewka
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