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God /ɡɑ(d)/, /ɡɑd/, /ɡɒd/
  • single deity of monotheism
  • single male deity of duotheism
God /ɡɑ(d)/, /ɡɑd/, /ɡɒd/
  • omnipotent being
  • impersonal, universal, spiritual presence
Gott {m}
  • deity
Gott {m}
die Gottheit (Pl.: die Gottheiten) {f}
die Göttin (Pl.: die Göttinnen) {f}
thank God
  • exclamation of gratitude or relief
Gott sei Dank
Lamb of God
  • Jesus, symbolized as a sacrifice
Lamm Gottes
so help me God
  • phrase used as a promise that an action will be carried out
so wahr mir Gott helfe
act of God
  • unforeseen occurrence
höhere Gewalt {f}
thunder god
  • thunder deity
Thor {m}
in God's name
  • intensifier
in Gottes Namen
in Herrgotts Namen
in aller Welt
um Himmels willen
  • given or sent by God or appearing so
god /ɡɒd/, /ɡɔd/, /ɡɑd/ Gott {m}
God the Father Gottvater {m}
God only knows weiß der Geier
god of the sun der Sonnengott (Pl.: die Sonnengötter) {m}
sex god der Sexgott (Pl.: die Sexgötter) {m}
sun god der Sonnengott (Pl.: die Sonnengötter) {m}
god-king der Gottkönig (Pl.: die Gottkönige) {m}
oh my God
  • excitement or shock
oh mein Gott
God bless you
  • said to somebody who has sneezed
God bless you
  • said as a short prayer for the recipient
Gott segne dich
for God's sake
  • Exclamation of anger, surprise, or impatience
um Gottes willen
do you believe in God
  • do you believe in God?
glauben Sie an Gott?
glaubst du an Gott?
God willing
  • God willing
so Gott will
wenn Gott es will
wenn Gott will
God forbid
  • Don't let it be
Gott behüte
Gott bewahre
da sei Gott vor
by the Grace of God
  • By divine right
von Gottes Gnaden
Mother of God
  • mother of Jesus Christ
Mutter Gottes
God works in mysterious ways
  • a situation may be beneficial later
die Wege des Herrn sind unergründlich
Gottes Wege sind unergründlich
  • following the precepts of a religious practice and respects and reveres god and his authority
by God
  • surprise
mein Gott
river god /ˈɹɪvə ˌɡɒd/
  • river-being
God helps those who help themselves
  • good fortune comes to those who make an effort to accomplish things
hilf dir selbst, dann hilft dir Gott
man proposes, God disposes
  • things don't always work out as they were planned
der Mensch denkt, Gott lenkt
God object God object
Horned God
  • Wiccan god
Gehörnter Gott
Antlered God
  • Wiccan god
Gehörnter Gott
it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God
  • proverb
eher geht ein Kamel durch ein Nadelöhr, als dass ein Reicher in das Reich Gottes gelangt
god game
  • video game type
food of the gods der Asant (Pl.: die Asante) {m}
(May) God rest his soul Gott hab ihn selig
proof of the existence of God der Gottesbeweis (Pl.: die Gottesbeweise) {m}
praise of God Gotteslob {n}
May God repay you vergelt’s Gott
god particle Gottesteilchen {n}
god of war der Kriegsgott (Pl.: die Kriegsgötter) {m}
god /ɡɑd/, /ɡɒd/, /ɡɔd/
  • idolize
abgöttisch lieben
god /ɡɑd/, /ɡɒd/, /ɡɔd/
  • deify
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Göd godfather /ˈɡɒdfɑːðə/, /ˈɡɑdfɑðɚ/
God object God object
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