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bow /boʊ/, /bəʊ/
  • weapon used for shooting arrows
  • rod used for playing stringed instruments
  • bend in a rod or planar surface
Bogen {m}
bow /boʊ/, /bəʊ/
  • type of knot with two loops
die Schleife (Pl.: die Schleifen) {f}
bow /boʊ/, /bəʊ/
  • front of a boat or ship
der Bug (Pl.: die Bugs) {m}
bow /boʊ/, /bəʊ/
  • to play music on using a bow
bow /boʊ/, /bəʊ/
  • gesture made by bending forward at the waist
die Verbeugung (Pl.: die Verbeugungen) {f}
bow /boʊ/, /bəʊ/
  • to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference
musical bow
  • simple musical instrument
Bogen {m}
take a bow
  • to accept applause at the end of a performance
bow and arrow /bəʊ(.)ən(d.)æɹəʊ/
  • weapon
Pfeil und Bogen
  • having a bowleg
Cupid's bow
  • curve of the upper lip
Amorbogen {m}
der Kupidobogen (Pl.: die Kupidobögen) {m}
bow saw
  • for tree trunks, Swede saw
die Bügelsäge (Pl.: die Bügelsägen) {f}
bow wave
  • a wave coming off the bow of a ship as it moves through the water
die Bugwelle (Pl.: die Bugwellen) {f}
up-bow der Aufstrich (Pl.: die Aufstriche) {m}
bow tie die Fliege (Pl.: die Fliegen) {f}
bow-wow der Wauwau (Pl.: die Wauwaus) {m}
bow net die Reuse (Pl.: die Reusen) {f}
bowed string instrument das Streichinstrument (Pl.: die Streichinstrumente) {n}
have two strings to one's bow mehrere Eisen im Feuer haben
bow wow
  • sound of a dog barking
wau wau
compound bow Compoundbogen
bow maker
  • one who manufactures bows for musical instruments
bow down
  • to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference
shot across the bow
  • warning
Schuss vor den Bug
cupid's bow Amorbogen {m}
tarpaulin bows der Spriegel (Pl.: die Spriegel) {m}
bow out /baʊ aʊt/
  • To resign, or leave
bow grip
  • section of grippy material
der Buggy (Pl.: die Buggys) {m}
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