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cold /koʊld/, /kəʊld/
  • having a low temperature
  • unprepared
  • of the weather
  • of a person
cold /koʊld/, /kəʊld/
  • unfriendly
cold /koʊld/, /kəʊld/
  • low temperature
Kälte {f}
cold /koʊld/, /kəʊld/
  • illness
die Erkältung (Pl.: die Erkältungen) {f}
die Verkühlung (Pl.: die Verkühlungen) {f}
  • the relative lack of heat
  • the sensation
  • limited enthusiasm or affection
Kälte {f}
Cold War
  • a period of history from 1945-1991
Kalter Krieg
common cold
  • mild infection
die Erkältung (Pl.: die Erkältungen) {f}
ice-cold /ˈʌɪskəʊld/
  • as cold as ice
cold turkey
  • abruptly
cold as ice
  • very cold
catch a cold
  • contract a cold
cold-blooded /ˈkoʊldˈblʌd.ɪd/
  • lacking emotion or compunction
  • completely cold
  • without emotion
in cold blood
  • in a ruthless and unfeeling manner
cold cuts
  • meat
Aufschnitt {m}
  • callous or heartless
get cold feet
  • to become nervous or anxious and reconsider a decision about an upcoming event
kalte Füße bekommen
cold turkey
  • sudden and complete withdrawal
kalter Entzug {m}
give someone the cold shoulder
  • to snub
die kalte Schulter zeigen
cold sore /ˈkoʊld ˌsɔɹ/
  • small bump on the lips
das Fieberbläschen (Pl.: die Fieberbläschen) {n}
cold wave
  • a short period with a considerable fall in temperature
die Kältewelle (Pl.: die Kältewellen) {f}
blow hot and cold einmal hü und einmal hott sagen
freezing cold
  • extremely and unpleasantly cold
cold sweat der Angstschweiß (Pl.: die Angstschweiße) {m}
cold spray Kältespray
cold snap der Kälteeinbruch (Pl.: die Kälteeinbrüche) {m}
feel cold frieren
cold-perm die Dauerwelle (Pl.: die Dauerwellen) {f}
cold war
  • a period of hostile relations
kalter Krieg
I have a cold /aɪ hæv ə koʊld/
  • I have a cold
ich bin erkältet
I'm cold
  • I'm cold
ich friere
mir ist kalt
cold fusion
  • hypothetical form of nuclear fusion
kalte Fusion
cold day in Hell
  • an event that will never happen
nie im Leben
revenge is a dish best served cold /ɹɪˈvɛndʒ ɪz ə ˈdɪʃ ˈbɛst ˈsɜːvd ˈkəʊld/
  • emotional detachment is preferable when taking revenge
Rache serviert man am besten kalt
it's cold outside
  • it's cold outside (weather)
es is kalt draußen
cold front
  • leading edge of an advancing mass of cold air
cold meat
  • cold cooked meat
cold hands, warm heart
  • having cold hands is an indication of warmheartedness
kalte Hand, warmes Herz
make someone's blood run cold
  • cause a person to feel fear
[[einem gefriert das Blut in den Adern
cold call
  • sales call
Cold Call
die Kaltakquise (Pl.: die Kaltakquisen) {f}
one's blood runs cold
  • One experiences a visceral feeling of fear, horror, dread, or strong forboding
einem gefriert das Blut in den Adern
cold forming Kaltumformen
cold rolling Kaltwalzen
cold shoulder kalte Schulter
cold blooded eiskalt
fucking cold arschkalt
be cold frieren
ass cold arschkalt
icy cold Eiseskälte {f}
cold plasma das Kaltplasma (Pl.: die Kaltplasmen) {n}
have a cold erkältet sein
bloody cold arschkalt
rinse with cold water abschrecken
to be in a cold sweat Blut und Wasser schwitzen
to give someone the cold shoulder jemandem die kalte Schulter zeigen
bitterly cold bitterkalt
emotionally cold gefühlsarm
stone cold sober stocknüchtern
cold-stimulus headache Hirnfrost {m}
Black Forest cold blood das Schwarzwälder Kaltblut (Pl.: die Schwarzwälder Kaltblüter) {n}
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Cold Call cold call
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