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cook /kuk/, /kʊk/
  • to become ready for eating
  • to prepare (food) for eating
cook /kuk/, /kʊk/
  • to prepare food
cook /kuk/, /kʊk/
  • a person who prepares food for a living
Koch {m}
die Köchin (Pl.: die Köchinnen) {f}
Cook Islands /ˈkʊk ˈai.ləndz/
  • self-governing country in Oceania
too many cooks spoil the broth
  • with too many people a task won't be done very well
viele Köche verderben den Brei
cooking pot
  • any cooking vessel
der Kochtopf (Pl.: die Kochtöpfe) {m}
cooking oil
  • purified fat
das Speiseöl (Pl.: die Speiseöle) {n}
cooked /kʊkt/
  • of food, that has been prepared by cooking
Cook /kʊk/ Koch {m}
line cook der Chef de Partie (Pl.: die Chefs de Partie) {m}
cooking pit der Erdofen (Pl.: die Erdöfen) {m}
cooking /ˈkʊ.kɪŋ/
  • the process of preparing food by using heat
goose is cooked
  • all hope is gone
erledigt sein
geliefert sein
Cook Islander
  • person from the Cook Islands
der Cookinseln
cooking spoon der Kochlöffel (Pl.: die Kochlöffel) {m}
assistant cook der Beikoch (Pl.: die Beiköche) {m}
cooked-egg garnish Eierstich {m}
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