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egg /eɪɡ/, /ɛɡ/
  • body housing an embryo
  • egg of domestic fowl as food item
  • something shaped like an egg
das Ei (Pl.: die Eier) {n}
Easter egg /ˈiː.stəɹ ˌɛɡ/
  • a dyed or decorated egg
  • a chocolate confection in the shape of an egg
das Osterei (Pl.: die Ostereier) {n}
Easter egg /ˈiː.stəɹ ˌɛɡ/
  • an undocumented function hidden in a program
Easter Egg
scrambled egg
  • dish
das Rührei (Pl.: die Rühreier) {n}
  • having the shape of an egg
fried egg
  • egg that has been shallow fried
das Spiegelei (Pl.: die Spiegeleier) {n}
goose egg
  • swelling or bump
die Beule (Pl.: die Beulen) {f}
goose egg
  • nothing
überhaupt nichts
you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette
  • phrase
wo gehobelt wird, fallen Späne
egg salad
  • dish made of hard-boiled eggs
der Eiersalat (Pl.: die Eiersalate) {m}
egg cup der Eierbecher (Pl.: die Eierbecher) {m}
ant egg die Ameisenpuppe (Pl.: die Ameisenpuppen) {f}
egg yolk das Eigelb (Pl.: die Eigelbe) {n}
duck egg das Entenei (Pl.: die Enteneier) {n}
wind egg das Windei (Pl.: die Windeier) {n}
scrambled eggs das Rührei (Pl.: die Rühreier) {n}
egg white foam Eischnee {m}
eggs /ɛɡz/ das Gelege (Pl.: die Gelege) {n}
egg of Columbus Ei des Kolumbus {n}
sure as eggs is eggs klar wie Kloßbrühe
egg white das Eiklar (Pl.: die Eiklar) {n}
egg whisk der Schneebesen (Pl.: die Schneebesen) {m}
quail egg das Wachtelei (Pl.: die Wachteleier) {n}
you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs wo gehobelt wird, fallen Späne
boiled egg
  • boiled egg (generic)
gekochtes Ei
gesottenes Ei
boiled egg
  • hard-boiled egg
hart gekochtes Ei
boiled egg
  • soft-boiled egg
weich gekochtes Ei
nest egg
  • egg placed in a bird's nest
century egg
  • Chinese delicacy
hundertjähriges Ei
tausendjähriges Ei
poached egg
  • type of cooked egg
pochiertes Ei
verlorenes Ei
egg on
  • provoke
chicken-or-egg question
  • a question to decide which of two interdependent things happened first
put all one's eggs in one basket
  • to rely on a single source
alle Eier in einen Korb legen
alles auf eine Karte setzen
bacon and eggs
  • a dish consisting of bacon and eggs
Eier mit Speck
Fabergé egg
  • Easter egg by Fabergé
Easter egg hunt
  • activity held at Easter where hidden Easter eggs have to be found
pickled egg
  • egg that has been pickled in vinegar
a wild goose never laid a tame egg
  • most things are inherited and predetermined
Raben zeugen keine Tauben
Easter egg roll
  • A competion, held at Easter, in which an egg is pushed along a lawn.
egg and spoon race
  • race in which competitors must carry an egg on a small spoon
snake’s egg der Hühnergott (Pl.: die Hühnergötter) {m}
chicken egg das Hühnerei (Pl.: die Hühnereier) {n}
egg tapping Eierpecken {n}
egg piercer der Eierstecher (Pl.: die Eierstecher) {m}
ostrich egg das Straußenei (Pl.: die Straußeneier) {n}
serpent’s egg der Hühnergott (Pl.: die Hühnergötter) {m}
breakfast egg das Frühstücksei (Pl.: die Frühstückseier) {n}
egg cutter der Eierschneider (Pl.: die Eierschneider) {m}
egg slicer der Eierschneider (Pl.: die Eierschneider) {m}
egg-laying eierlegend
egg boiler der Eierkocher (Pl.: die Eierkocher) {m}
Kinder Egg das Ü-Ei (Pl.: die Ü-Eier)
beaten egg white Eischnee {m}
cooked-egg garnish Eierstich {m}
egg roll
  • a food made made by wrapping a combination of ingredients
die Frühlingsrolle (Pl.: die Frühlingsrollen) {f}
love egg
  • egg-shaped sex toy
das Ei (Pl.: die Eier) {n}
pace egg /peɪs ɛɡ/
  • coloured egg
das Osterei (Pl.: die Ostereier) {n}
egg timer
  • timer with an alarm
die Sanduhr (Pl.: die Sanduhren) {f}
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Easter Egg Easter egg /ˈiː.stəɹ ˌɛɡ/
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