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jump /dʒʌmp/
  • cause oneself to leave an elevated location and fall downward
  • employ a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location
  • employ a move in certain board games in which one piece moves over another
jump /dʒʌmp/
  • propel oneself rapidly upward such that momentum causes the body to become airborne
jump /dʒʌmp/
  • instance of causing oneself to fall from an elevated location
  • instance of propelling oneself into the air
  • instance of employing a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location
der Sprung (Pl.: die Sprünge) {m}
ski jumping
  • a winter sport
das Skispringen (Pl.: die Skispringen) {n}
high jump
  • athletics event
der Hochsprung (Pl.: die Hochsprünge) {m}
jumping jack
  • toy
der Hampelmann (Pl.: die Hampelmänner) {m}
long jump
  • athletics field event
der Weitsprung (Pl.: die Weitsprünge) {m}
triple jump
  • athletics field event
der Dreisprung (Pl.: die Dreisprünge) {m}
jump the gun
  • to act without due caution
jump the gun
  • to begin a race too soon
einen Frühstart hinlegen
bungee jumping
  • jumping from a great height with a cord
Bungee-Jumping {n}
Bungeejumping {n}
Bungeespringen {n}
jump rope /dʒʌmp ɹəʊp/
  • game or activity
das Springseil (Pl.: die Springseile) {n}
das Sprungseil (Pl.: die Sprungseile) {n}
jump for joy
  • exult, rejoice
vor Freude an die Decke springen
jump down someone's throat
  • criticise with excessive and unexpected harshness
jump the shark
  • To undergo a storyline development which heralds a fundamental and generally disappointing change in direction.
auf dem absteigenden Ast sein
quantum jump der Quantensprung (Pl.: die Quantensprünge) {m}
show jumping Springreiten {n}
jump off abspringen
jump-off das Stechen (Pl.: die Stechen) {n}
jump down abspringen
loop jump der Rittberger (Pl.: die Rittberger) {m}
jump rope /dʒʌmp ɹəʊp/
  • to jump over a rope repeatedly as a game or exercise
jump the queue
  • move into a queue ahead of others
sich vordrängeln
jump on the bandwagon
  • to profit from a craze
auf den Zug aufspringen
Chinese jump rope
  • to jump over a rope repeatedly as a game or exercise
BASE jumping
  • extreme sport
jumping spider
  • spiders of the family Salticidae
jump seat Notsitz
show-jumping course der Parcours (Pl.: die Parcours) {m}
jumping sheet das Sprungtuch (Pl.: die Sprungtücher) {n}
toe loop jump der Toeloop (Pl.: die Toeloops) {m}
ski jumping hill der Bakken (Pl.: die Bakken) {m}
jump across umhinspringen
ski jump
  • ramp
das Sprungbrett (Pl.: die Sprungbretter) {n}
jump someone's bones
  • have sex
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