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key /kʰiː/
  • computing: field in a record used as a search argument
  • computing: value uniquely identifying entry in associative array
  • crucial step
  • cryptography: piece of information used to encode or decode
  • device designed to open and close a lock
  • computing: field of a database constrained to be unique
der Schlüssel (Pl.: die Schlüssel) {m}
key /kʰiː/
  • button on a typewriter or computer keyboard
  • part of a piano or musical keyboard
die Taste (Pl.: die Tasten) {f}
key /kʰiː/
  • in basketball
die Zone (Pl.: die Zonen) {f}
key /kʰiː/
  • device used to transmit Morse code
die Taste (Pl.: die Tasten) {f}
der Schlüssel (Pl.: die Schlüssel) {m}
key /kʰiː/
  • small guide explaining symbols or terminology
die Legende (Pl.: die Legenden) {f}
key /kʰiː/
  • scale of musical notes
die Tonart (Pl.: die Tonarten) {f}
key /kʰiː/
  • important
  • indispensable
master key
  • a key that opens a set of several locks
das Passepartout (Pl.: die Passepartouts) {n}
der Generalschlüssel (Pl.: die Generalschlüssel) {m}
der Zentralschlüssel (Pl.: die Zentralschlüssel) {m}
Allen key /ˈælən kiː/
  • a hex head wrench
der Inbusschlüssel (Pl.: die Inbusschlüssel) {m}
key fob
  • item carried on a key ring
der Schlüsselanhänger (Pl.: die Schlüsselanhänger) {m}
key fob
  • active device that controls access
der Autoschlüssel (Pl.: die Autoschlüssel) {m}
key fob
  • passive device that controls access
elektronischer Schlüsselanhänger
latch-key child
  • A child who returns to an empty house
das Schlüsselkind (Pl.: die Schlüsselkinder) {n}
skeleton key der Dietrich (Pl.: die Dietriche) {m}
function key die Funktionstaste (Pl.: die Funktionstasten) {f}
parallel key die Varianttonart (Pl.: die Varianttonarten) {f}
ignition key der Zündschlüssel (Pl.: die Zündschlüssel) {m}
database key der Datenbankschlüssel (Pl.: die Datenbankschlüssel) {m}
key question die Schlüsselfrage (Pl.: die Schlüsselfragen) {f}
escape key die Escapetaste (Pl.: die Escapetasten) {f}
key switch der Schlüsselschalter (Pl.: die Schlüsselschalter) {m}
room key der Zimmerschlüssel (Pl.: die Zimmerschlüssel) {m}
key chain der Schlüsselanhänger (Pl.: die Schlüsselanhänger) {m}
spare key der Zweitschlüssel (Pl.: die Zweitschlüssel) {m}
surrogate key der Surrogatschlüssel (Pl.: die Surrogatschlüssel) {m}
bunch of keys Schlüsselbund
key technology die Schlüsseltechnologie (Pl.: die Schlüsseltechnologien) {f}
I lost my keys
  • I lost my keys
ich habe meine Schlüssel verloren
primary key
  • key in database table
shift key
  • key on a personal computer or terminal keyboard
  • key on a typewriter
major key
  • music: a musical key based upon a major scale
Dur {n}
minor key
  • music: a musical key based upon a minor scale
Moll {n}
foreign key
  • column referencing another table
arrow key
  • computer key marked with arrow and used to move the cursor
alt key
  • computing: a key on a keyboard
public key
  • the public one of the two keys used in asymmetric cryptography
öffentlicher Schlüssel
key performance indicator
  • metric used to measure progress towards organizational goals
control key
  • computing: a key on a keyboard
private key
  • unpublished key
privater Schlüssel
Key lime pie
  • An American dessert
USB key der USB-Stick (Pl.: die USB-Sticks) {m}
car key der Autoschlüssel (Pl.: die Autoschlüssel) {m}
Esc key die Escapetaste (Pl.: die Escapetasten) {f}
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