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people /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpiːpəl/
  • a body of human beings; a group of two or more persons
people /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpiːpəl/
  • a group of persons forming or belonging to a particular nation etc.
  • the mass of community as distinguished from a special class
das Volk (Pl.: die Völker) {n}
people /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpiːpəl/
  • a group of persons regarded as being employees etc.
das Volk (Pl.: die Völker) {n}
people /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpiːpəl/
  • a person's ancestors, relatives or family
die Familie (Pl.: die Familien) {f}
people /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpiːpəl/
  • to fill with people
people /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpiːpəl/
  • to inhabit, to occupy
person /ˈpɜːsən/, /ˈpɝsən/
  • individual
  • grammar: linguistic category
  • any individual or formal organization with standing before the courts
die Person (Pl.: die Personen) {f}
person /ˈpɜːsən/, /ˈpɝsən/
  • the physical body seen as distinct from the mind
der Körper (Pl.: die Körper) {m}
die Person (Pl.: die Personen) {f}
People's Republic of China
  • id=Q148|official name of China
Volksrepublik China
People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • id=Q902|People's Republic of Bangladesh
Volksrepublik Bangladesch
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • id=Q423|country in East Asia (official name)
Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea
Donetsk People's Republic
  • secessionist state
Volksrepublik Donezk
Luhansk People's Republic
  • secessionist state in Luhanshchyna, the Ukraine
Volksrepublik Lugansk
people's republic
  • self-designation of states with Marxist-Leninist governments
die Volksrepublik (Pl.: die Volksrepubliken) {f}
natural person
  • human being
natürliche Person {f}
boat person
  • member of boat people
der Bootsflüchtling (Pl.: die Bootsflüchtlinge) {m}
boat person
  • person who enjoys boats
missing person
  • person whose whereabouts are unknown
Vermisster {m}
Lao People's Democratic Republic Demokratische Volksrepublik Laos {f}
night person die Nachteule (Pl.: die Nachteulen) {f}
trans person der Transgender (Pl.: die Transgender) {m}
Nguni people Nguni {m}
internally displaced person Binnenvertriebener {m}
Mongolian People's Republic Mongolische Volksrepublik {f}
old people's home das Altenheim (Pl.: die Altenheime) {n}
People's Republic die Volksrepublik (Pl.: die Volksrepubliken) {f}
suck up to people Rad fahren
people's assembly die Volksversammlung (Pl.: die Volksversammlungen) {f}
people smuggler der Menschenschmuggler (Pl.: die Menschenschmuggler) {m}
Assyrian people der Assyrer (Pl.: die Assyrer) {m}
business people Geschäftsleute
covenant people das Bundesvolk (Pl.: die Bundesvölker) {n}
people smuggling Menschenschmuggel {m}
People's Liberation Army
  • army branch
people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
  • one shouldn't criticize others for having the same fault
wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
  • id=Q199841|South Yemen
Volksdemokratische Republik Jemen
boat people
  • refugees fleeing by sea
der Bootsflüchtling (Pl.: die Bootsflüchtlinge) {m}
displaced person
  • refugee
Displaced Person
People of the Book
  • Non-Muslims who adhere to an Abrahamic religion
Leute der Schrift
Yugoslav People's Army
  • military of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Jugoslawische Volksarmee
people's army
  • communist-based military organization
trans person
  • person
enough money makes more intelligent people Geld genug macht dumme Leute klug
Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Sozialistische Libysch-Arabische Volks-Dschamahirija {f}
state subsidy available to people who buy a home die Eigenheimzulage (Pl.: die Eigenheimzulagen) {f}
bog people die Moorleiche (Pl.: die Moorleichen) {f}
Sami people der Lappe (Pl.: die Lappen) {m}
People's Navy Volksmarine {f}
Lepcha people der Lepcha (Pl.: die Lepcha) {m}
gathering of people die Menschenansammlung (Pl.: die Menschenansammlungen) {f}
people of perpetrators das Tätervolk (Pl.: die Tätervölker) {n}
people's commissar der Volkskommissar (Pl.: die Volkskommissare) {m}
equal treatment for all people liable for military service Wehrgerechtigkeit {f}
night person
  • night-active person
die Eule (Pl.: die Eulen) {f}
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • id=Q262|official name of Algeria
Demokratische Volksrepublik Algerien
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