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sleep /sliːp/
  • to rest in state of reduced consciousness
sleep /sliːp/
  • to accommodate
sleep /sliːp/
  • state of reduced consciousness
  • substance found in the corner of the eyes / figurative objectification of sleep
Schlaf {m}
sleep /sliːp/
  • informal: act or instance of sleeping
Schlaf {m}
das Schläfchen (Pl.: die Schläfchen) {n}
Nachtruhe {f}
sleep with
  • have sex with
sleeping bag
  • padded or insulated bag
der Schlafsack (Pl.: die Schlafsäcke) {m}
sleeping /ˈsliːpɪŋ/
  • used for sleep; used to produce sleep
sleeping /ˈsliːpɪŋ/
  • state or act of being asleep
Schlaf {m}
Sleeping Beauty
  • main character in this story
  • fairy tale
sleeping car
  • a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.
Schlafwagen {m}
put to sleep
  • to cause someone to sleep
put to sleep
  • to kill an animal
sleep in
  • to sleep late
sleep like a log
  • to sleep well, without disturbance
schlafen wie ein Murmeltier
schlafen wie ein Stein
sleep over
  • to sleep over
sleeping pill
  • a pill having a soporific effect
das Schlafmittel (Pl.: die Schlafmittel) {n}
die Schlaftablette (Pl.: die Schlaftabletten) {f}
sleep on
  • to postpone a decision at least overnight
eine Nacht darüber schlafen
deep sleep
  • state of sleep
Tiefschlaf {m}
sleeping sickness
  • infectious disease
die Schlafkrankheit (Pl.: die Schlafkrankheiten) {f}
sleep disorder
  • medical disorder of sleep patterns
die Schlafstörung (Pl.: die Schlafstörungen) {f}
sleep deprivation
  • condition of forcibly being kept awake
Schlafentzug {m}
go to sleep einschlafen
sleep around rumhuren
sleep off ausschlafen
sleeping policeman die Bremsschwelle (Pl.: die Bremsschwellen) {f}
let sleeping dogs lie
  • leave things as they are
schlafende Hunde weckt man nicht
REM sleep
  • stage of sleep during which most brain activity and dreams occur, characterised by rapid eye movement
desynchronisierter Schlaf
paradoxer Schlaf
sleep apnea
  • brief interruptions of breathing during sleep
beauty sleep
  • Extra sleep or a special nap
sleeping carriage Schlafwagen {m}
sleeping spot die Schlafstelle (Pl.: die Schlafstellen) {f}
place to sleep die Schlafstelle (Pl.: die Schlafstellen) {f}
sleeping accommodation die Schlafgelegenheit (Pl.: die Schlafgelegenheiten) {f}
fall into a light sleep eindämmern
sleep rough
  • (euphemistic) sleep outdoors without a place to go home to
unter freiem Himmel
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