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this /ðɪs/
  • the (thing) here
this /ðɪs/
  • known (thing) just mentioned
this /ðɪs/
  • known (thing) about to be mentioned
this /ðɪs/
  • known (thing) that the speaker does not think is known to the audience
so ein
this /ðɪs/
  • The thing, item, etc. being indicated
this one
  • a specified object
this year
  • during the current year
dieses Jahr
this time
  • now, today, on this occasion
this time
  • on or near the same date (in the past or in the future)
heute in
to this end
  • achieve the previously specified goal
on this side of
  • on this side of
shuffle off this mortal coil das Zeitliche segnen
how do you pronounce this word /ˈhaʊ duː ˈjuː pɹəˈnaʊns ðɪs ˈwɝd/, /ˈhaʊ də juː pɹəˈnaʊns ðɪs ˈwɜːd/
  • how do you pronounce this word?
wie wird dieses Wort ausgesprochen?
this morning /ðɪs ˈmɔɹnɪŋ/
  • during the morning of today
heute Morgen
heute Vormittag
this evening
  • during the evening of today
heute Abend
where does this bus go
  • where does this bus go
wohin fährt dieser Bus?
where does this train go
  • where does this train go
wohin fährt dieser Zug?
to whom this may concern
  • phrase used to begin a formal letter to an unknown recipient
sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
fuck this Scheiß drauf
how do you spell this word
  • how do you spell this word?
wie ist dieses Wort geschrieben?
this and that
  • things
dies und das
screw this Scheiß drauf
schrauben sie das
this too shall pass
  • nothing lasts forever
es geht alles vorbei
es geht alles vorüber
this way
  • to indicate direction
hier entlang
this life die Erde (Pl.: die Erden) {f}
this same ebendieser
this very ebendieser
for this reason deshalb
concerning this hierzu
relating to this diesbezüglich
on this occasion hierbei
here in this area hierzulande
with respect to this diesbezüglich
here in this country hierzulande
to this hierzu
for this hierzu
on this score hierzu
this kind of derlei
this sort of derlei
this type of derlei
of this year diesjährig
against this dementgegen
this year's heurig
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