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with /wɘð/, /wɪð/, /wɪθ/
  • in the company of
  • in addition to
  • by means of
with /wɘð/, /wɪð/, /wɪθ/
  • against
with /wɘð/, /wɪð/, /wɪθ/
  • in support of
sleep with
  • have sex with
with respect to
  • pertaining to
in Bezug auf
put up with
  • to tolerate, suffer through
in Kauf nehmen
mit etwas klarkommen
get on with
  • proceed with
with regard to
  • concerning
in Bezug auf
deal with
  • handle verbally or in some form of artistic expression
deal with
  • take action with respect to (someone or something)
with pleasure /wɪθ.plɛ.ʒʌɹ/
  • willingly, without argument
mess with
  • to joke with
in keeping with
  • in accordance with
in Übereinstimmung mit
play with fire
  • put oneself in a precarious situation
mit dem Feuer spielen
go with
  • match, correspond with
come up with
  • to invent, create
with respect
  • mild apology
mit Verlaub
tar with the same brush
  • characterize using the same undesirable attribute, especially unjustly
alles über einen Kamm scheren
cope with bewältigen
with what womit
with care achtsam
take with mitnehmen
come down with kriegen
get along with vertragen
rat with wings die Ratte der Lüfte (Pl.: die Ratten der Lüfte) {f}
with both feet beidbeinig
go with the flow mit dem Strom schwimmen
come out with it heraus mit der Sprache
go to bed with
  • to have sex
with it hierzu
quarrel with hadern
collide with auflaufen
play with oneself runterholen
fasten with knots verknoten
with kith and kin mit Kind und Kegel
cut with a sickle sicheln
with both hands beidhändig
find fault with bemängeln
with each other miteinander
with no history geschichtslos
jib with a boom die Baumfock (Pl.: die Baumfocken) {f}
soak with sweat verschwitzen
be blessed with teilhaftig
I'm in love with you
  • declaration of romantic feeling
ich bin in dich verliebt
friend with benefits
  • friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship
Freund mit gewissen Vorzügen
Freundin mit gewissen Vorzügen
down with
  • away with (...!)
nieder mit
to do with
  • relate or relevant to
zu tun haben
with a grain of salt
  • with common sense and skepticism
mit einem Körnchen Salz
with bated breath /wɪð ˈbeɪtɪd ˈbɹɛθ/
  • eagerly
mit angehaltenem Atem
with difficulty /wɪð ˈdɪfɪkʊlti/
  • an action which is difficult to perform
mit Mühe
with all due respect
  • phrase used before disagreeing with someone
bei allem gebotenen Respekt
bei allem nötigen Respekt
mit Verlaub
with child
  • pregnant
in der Hoffnung sein
in guter Hoffnung sein
handle with kid gloves
  • to treat something very delicately
mit Samthandschuhen anfassen
keep up with
  • manage to remain beside or just behind
Schritt halten
with flying colors
  • (idiom) extremely well
[[mit]] [[Bravour]]
get away with
  • to escape punishment for
[[mit]] [[etwas]] [[davonkommen]]
get it over with hinter sich bringen
the hell with it
  • expression
Zur Hölle mit
with one's bare hands
  • barehandedly
mit den bloßen Händen
with a vengeance
  • with intense motivation
mit aller Macht
be seething with rage kochen
coat with breadcrumbs panieren
rinse with cold water abschrecken
with good performance performant
remove with solvent abbeizen
with one's own hand eigenhändig
snort with laughter prusten
with consternation konsterniert
deal with the Devil der Teufelspakt (Pl.: die Teufelspakte) {m}
treatment with care die Schonung (Pl.: die Schonungen) {f}
wake up with kisses wachküssen
fill with enthusiasm begeistern
at odds with oneself uneins
with local knowledge ortskundig
coping with the past die Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Pl.: die Vergangenheitsbewältigungen) {f}
with respect to this diesbezüglich
with bag and baggage mit Sack und Pack
away with you hinweg
with devotion aufopferungsvoll
with regard to context inhaltlich
float with the current mit dem Strom schwimmen
rub off with emery abschmirgeln
with the whole lot mit Kind und Kegel
provide with seats bestuhlen
have something with one mithaben
play fast and loose with mit etwas Schindluder treiben
to be familiar with sth. auskennen
filled with sexual desire wollüstig
know who I'm dealing with seine Pappenheimer kennen
out of touch with reality realitätsfremd
green with envy
  • consumed by envy
grün vor Neid
toy with
  • handle carelessly
  • play
part with
  • willingly let go of
along with
  • in addition to
in bed with
  • sharing one's bed with
in bed with
  • engaging in dubious relationship
come down with
  • to show symptoms of an illness
up with the lark
  • awake and out of bed early
come to grips with
  • to confront directly
come to terms with
  • to accept or resign oneself to something emotionally painful
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