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call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to name or refer to
noemen /ˈnumə(n)/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to pay a social visit
bezoeken /bəˈzukə(n)/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to cry or shout
schreeuwen /ˈsxreːʋə(n)/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to match or equal the amount of poker chips in the pot as the player that bet
meegaan /ˈmeχan/, /ˈmeɣan/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to contact by telephone
opbellen /ˈɔˌbɛlə(n)/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to jump to another part of a program
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to request, summon, or beckon
roepen /'ru.pə(n)/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • to require, demand
vragen /ˈvraɣə(n)/, /ˈvraχə(n)/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • cry or shout
roep /rup/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • social visit
bezoek /bə'zuk/
call /kɑl/, /kɔl/, /kɔːl/
  • telephone conversation
oproep /'ɔprup/
so-called /ˈsoʊˌkɔld/, /ˈsəʊˌkɔːld/
  • so named, but wrongly so
  • so named
zogenaamd /zo.ɣə.'namt/, /zo.ɣə.'nam.də/
be called
  • to have a specific name
heten /'he.tə(n)/, /'ɦe.tə(n)/
telephone call
  • conversation
telephone call
  • connection
oproep /'ɔprup/
call names
  • to insult somebody childishly
schelden /sxɛldə(n)/
call on the carpet
  • reprimand
op het matje roepen
video call
  • kind of telephone call accompanied by video imagery
  • abusive or insulting language
call center
  • business location for calls
call to arms
  • appeal to undertake a course of action
calling name
  • name by which a person is identified in conversation
call up
  • to select
call up
  • to call on telephone
bellen /ˈbɛlən/
call up
  • to retrieve from memory
calling /ˈkɔːlɪŋ/ toeroepen
call in bijhalen
calling /ˈkɔːlɪŋ/
  • occupation
  • strong urge to become religious
call out uitkraaien
call-box spreekcel
call for
  • to necessitate, demand
eisen /ˈɛi̯sə(n)/
call for
  • to come to a place to ask for (someone)
call for
  • to summon
roepen /'ru.pə(n)/
call for
  • to ask for (something) in loud voice
  • to request, demand
port of call aanloophaven
calling off afzegging
call out to toeroepen
call option calloptie
house call huisbezoek
sick call ziekenappel
roll-call samenscholing
call slip kiesschijf
call off
  • to cancel
call roll punteren /ˈpɵn.tə.rə(n)/, /pɵn.ˈtɪ:.rə(n)/
pot calling the kettle black /ˈpɑt ˈkɔliŋ ðə ˈkɛtl̩ ˈblæk/, /ˈpɒt ˈkɔːliŋ ðə ˈkɛtl̩ ˈblæk/
  • situation in which somebody accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser
de pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet
call the police
  • call the police
bel de politie
call an ambulance
  • request to call an ambulance
bel een ambulance
call it a day
  • to cease activity for the day
morgen is er nog een dag
call it a day
  • to retire
op rente gaan
call a spade a spade
  • to speak the truth
de dingen bij hun naam noemen
een kat een kat noemen
man en paard noemen
zeggen zoals het is
wake-up call
  • figuratively: alert, reminder, call to action
wake-up call
I'll call the police
  • I'll call the police
ik bel de politie
roll call
  • reading of a list of names and responses
call sign
  • broadcasting
The Call of South Africa
  • a former national anthem of South Africa
De Stem van Zuid-Afrika
call time
  • to announce the closing of a pub
sluiting aankondigen
beck and call
  • summons and control, in a position as an attendant or servant
iemand op zijn wenken bedienen
call tree
  • tree of people in which each person forwards a message to the next person
missed call
  • call to someone to which the responder doesn't answer
gemiste oproep
call for tenders aanbesteden
money at call daggeld
money on call daggeld
call answering machine telefoonbeantwoorder
calling subscriber oproeper
call into question
  • to cause to be questioned
in vraag stellen
call out
  • to order into service; to summon into service
call out
  • to yell out
call number
  • identification number for materials within a library
call of duty verplichting /vɛr.ˈplɪx.tɪŋ(g)/, /vər.ˈplɪx.tɪŋ/, /vər.ˈplɪχ.tɪŋ/
calling card
  • characteristic
  • euphemistic: excrement
port of call
  • any port being visited by a ship
call to order
  • to formally signal the start of
openen /opənə(n)/
call the shots
  • to make decisions
call to action
  • appeal for action
Nederlands English
wake-up call wake-up call
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