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go /ɡoʊ/, /ɡɐʉ/, /ɡəʉ/, /ɡəʊ/
  • to disappear
verdwijnen /vərˈdʋɛɪnə(n)/
weggaan /ˈʋɛ.χan/, /ˈwɛ.ɣaːn/
go /ɡoʊ/, /ɡɐʉ/, /ɡəʉ/, /ɡəʊ/
  • to move through space (especially from one place to another)
  • of a machine, to work
  • to fit
go /ɡoʊ/, /ɡɐʉ/, /ɡəʉ/, /ɡəʊ/
  • board game
go away
  • to depart or leave a place
weggaan /ˈʋɛ.χan/, /ˈwɛ.ɣaːn/
go down
  • decrease
verminderen /vərˈmɪndərə(n)/
go down
  • descend
go off
  • explode
go off
  • putrefy; become inedible
bederven /bə'dɛrvə(n)/
go off
  • depart; leave
vertrekken /vərtrɛkə(n)/
weggaan /ˈʋɛ.χan/, /ˈwɛ.ɣaːn/
go on
  • continue
doorgaan /ˈdɔːrχan/, /ˈdoːrɣan/
go up opgaan
go out
  • to leave one's abode to go to public places
  • to be turned off or extinguished
go out
  • to leave, especially a building
naar buiten gaan
merry-go-round /ˈmɛ.ɹi.ɡoʊ.ɹaʊnd/
  • carousel
go bad
  • of foods: to spoil or rot
bederven /bə'dɛrvə(n)/
let's go
  • hurry up
kom nou
kom op
schiet op
schiete op
let's go
  • hortative of go
laten we gaan
go back
  • to return to a place
teruggaan /təˈrʏχaːn/
let go
  • to no longer hold on
go about
  • to tackle
go about
  • to circulate (in)
de ronde doen
go without saying
  • to be obvious, apparent or clear
voor zich spreken
Go Fish
  • a card game for children
good to go
  • ready for some specific task (person)
  • ready for use (thing)
in orde
weer in orde
  • carefree
onbezorgd /ˌɔnbəˈzɔr<sup>ə</sup>xt/
go with
  • match, correspond with
passen bij
go through doormaken
go to hell oplazeren
go on foot voeteren /vuˈterə(n)/
go astray verdwalen
go around omgaan
go-around doorstart
go mouldy beschimmelen /bəˈsxɪmələ(n)/
go through
  • to travel from one end to the other
  • undergo, suffer, experience
go through
  • reach an intended destination
aan de hand zijn
go through
  • wear out (of clothing)
to go meenemen /'me.ne.mə(n)/
go by
  • to pass by without paying attention to
go by
  • to be called, to use as a name
uitnodigen /'ʌʏt.no.də.ɣə(n)/
let oneself go uitleven
go into hiding onderduiken
to go bankrupt failleren
go past
  • surpass a boundary
go into verdiepen /vɛr.ˈdi.pə(n)/
go awry mislopen /'mɪslopə(n)/
going up klimmend
go broke failleren
go away ga weg!
let someone go
  • to dismiss someone
danken /dɑŋkən/
go to bed with
  • (euphemistic) to have sex
naar bed gaan
naar bed gaan met
how's it going
  • how's it going? - informal greetings
hoe gaat het?
go to bed
  • to lie down to sleep
gaan slapen
naar bed gaan
I must go
  • I must go
ik moet gaan
go bankrupt
  • to become bankrupt
failliet gaan
on your mark, get set, go
  • three-command start of racing
op uw plaatsen, klaar, af!
going to
  • past progressive
  • will (future tense)
where does this bus go
  • where does this bus go
waar gaat deze bus naartoe?
I want to go to the toilet
  • I want to go to the toilet
ik moet naar de wc
ik moet naar het toilet
where does this train go
  • where does this train go
waar gaat deze trein naartoe?
go up in smoke
  • be ruined
  • catch fire
in rook opgaan
where are we going
  • where are we going?
waar gaan we?
go viral
  • to be rapidly shared
viraal gaan
viral gaan
go like a dream
  • go very well
lopen als een trein
coming and going
  • plural sense: activities of a person or group
doen en laten
go to bat for someone lans
ban to go out on town uitgaansverbod
go in/inside ingaan
go thieving wegpikken
go to court procederen
It isn't going to make you rich. vetpot
go on the blink haperen
going to church kerkbezoek
go for broke
  • to try everything possible in a final attempt
alles op een kaart zetten
habit of going out uithuizigheid
go home
  • return to one's house
huiswaarts keren
go too far over de schreef gaan
go south
  • become unfavorable
op zijn retour zijn
go it alone /ˈɡoʊ ɪt əˈloʊn/, /ˈɡəʊ ɪt əˈləʊn/
  • do something alone or independently
op eigen houtje handelen
there you go
  • you have done it, or are doing it, correctly
het is zover
going /ˈɡoʊɪŋ/, /ˈɡəʊɪŋ/
  • progress
to go
  • served in a takeout container
go for
  • to attack something
go for
  • to try for something
proberen /proˈberə(n)/
go for
  • to go somewhere in order to get something
zoeken /ˈzukə(n)/
go nuts
  • to become mad
go after
  • to pursue an object or goal
volgen /'vɔlxə(n)/
go ahead
  • proceed
go under
  • to descend into a body of water
zinken /zɪŋkə(n)/
go wrong
  • to malfunction
on the go
  • actively traveling
onderweg /ˌɔndərˈβ̞ɛx/, /ˌɔndərˈwɛx/, /ˌɔndərˈʋɛχ/
go against
  • to oppose; resist
go back on
  • be treacherous or faithless to; betray
bedriegen /bə.'dri.ɣə(n)/
go to waste verspillen /vərˈspɪlə(n)/
go along with
  • to abide by something
go fuck oneself
  • a variant of fuck you
lik mijn reet
the shoemaker's children go barefoot
  • one often neglects those closest to oneself
de beste stuurlui staan aan wal
Nederlands English
go go /ɡɐʉ/, /ɡəʉ/, /ɡəʊ/, /ɡoʊ/
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