English Nederlands
sign language
  • sign language
language family
  • set of languages
body language
  • non-verbal communication
foul language
  • profane words
source language
  • language from which a translation is done
target language
  • language into which a translation is done
child language kindertaal
world language
  • language spoken internationally
wereldtaal /'werəltal/
query language
  • computer language
computer language computertaal
Iranian languages Iraanse talen
Romance languages Romaanse talen
business language handelstaal
feel for language taalgevoel /ˈtaɫχəˌvuɫ/, /ˈtalɣəˌvul/
language typology taaltypologie
Khoisan languages Khoisantalen
Otomian languages Otomische talen
Prakrit languages Prakrittalen
Semitic languages Semitische talen
Songhai languages Songhaitalen
Sorbian languages Sorbische talen
language teaching taalonderwijs
national language cultuurtaal
umbrella language daktaal
Caddoan languages Caddotalen
Japonic languages Japanse talen
Na-Dene languages Na-Denétalen
Nahuatl languages Nahuatltalen
Sinitic languages Chinese talen
language disorder taalstoornis
regional language streektaal /ˈstrek.taɫ/, /ˈstrek.tal/
dominant language hoofdtaal
exchange language werktaal
level of language taalniveau
original language stamtaal
bad language straattaal
language law taalwet
Ijo languages Ijotalen
Kru languages Kroetalen
Tai languages Tai-Kadaitalen
main language hoofdtaal
mixed language mengtaal
sign languages gebarentalen
abaza language Abazijns
language error taalfout /talfɔut/
language skill taalbeheersing /ˈtaːlbəˌɦeːrsɪŋ/
Bantu language Bantoetaal /ˈbɑntutaːl/
Sami languages Samitalen
Tupi languages Tupitalen
foreign language
  • any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place
vreemde taal
machine language
  • set of instructions for a computer
markup language
  • computer language using markups
language barrier
  • barrier to communication
formal language
  • set of finite strings
formele taal
native language
  • language of a Native or Aboriginal people
inlandse taal
  • common ancestor language
abkhaz language Abchazisch /ɑpˈxazis/
creole language creooltaal
French-language Franstalig
language change taalverandering
Banda languages Bandatalen
Bantu languages Bantoetalen
Batak languages Bataktalen
Indic languages Indische talen
Karen languages Karentalen
Mayan languages Mayatalen
Munda languages Mundatalen
Yupik languages Joepiktalen
Zande languages Zandétalen
language border taalgrens
language course taalcursus
pidgin language pidgintaal
Algic languages Algische talen
Greek languages Helleense talen
Hokan languages Hokantalen
Mande languages Mandetalen
language policy taalbeleid
language isolate
  • natural language without relatives
Celtic languages Keltische talen
Altaic languages Altaïsche talen
Apache languages Apachetalen
Baltic languages Baltische talen
Berber languages Berbertalen
Chamic languages Chamische talen
Manobo languages Manobotalen
Nubian languages Nubische talen
Papuan languages Papoeatalen
Siouan languages Sioux-Catawbatalen
Slavic languages Slavische talen
Arauan languages Arauaanse talen
Bihari languages Biharitalen
Chadic languages Tsjadische talen
Italic languages Italische talen
Omotic languages Omotische talen
Tungus languages Toengoezische talen
Turkic languages Turkse talen
Uralic languages Oeralische talen
working language werktaal
language teacher taalleraar
first language
  • first language
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