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in preposition

  /ɘn/ , /ən/ , /ɪn/
  • Within (a certain elapsed time); by the end of.
w, we
  • Used to indicate a language, script, tone, etc. of a text, speech, etc.
w, po
  • Part of; a member of; out of; from among.
  • Into.

in adjective

  /ɘn/ , /ən/ , /ɪn/
  • In fashion; popular.
na czasie
  • Incoming.
nadchodzący, przybywający, przychodzący

in- prefix

  • (non-productive) Used with certain words to reverse their meaning

inning noun

  • (baseball) A period of play in which members of a visiting baseball team attempt to hit a baseball pitched by the opposing home team until three players are called out, followed by a similar attempt by members of the home baseball team against the visiting team's pitching. There are nine or more innings in a regulation baseball game.
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