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well adverb

  /wəl/ , /wɛl/
  • accurately; competently
  • to a significant degree
  • (slang) very

well adjective

  /wəl/ , /wɛl/
  • in good health
zdrowy, zdrowa

well noun

  /wəl/ , /wɛl/
  • hole sunk into the ground

well interjection

  /wəl/ , /wɛl/
  • used to introduce a statement that may be contrary to expectations
no, cóż
  • exclamation of surprise
coś takiego, no
  • to acknowledge a statement or situation
cóż, dobrze
  • used in conversation to fill space
cóż, hm, no

wellness noun

  • The quality or state of being in good health.
dobre samopoczucie
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