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take verb

took, taken/tane   /teɪk/
  • to get into one's possession
  • to grab and move to oneself
  • to choose
  • to ingest medicine
  • to get into one's hands or control
nehmen, greifen
  • to carry
nehmen, tragen
  • to gain a position by force
einnehmen, nehmen
  • to last or expend [an amount of time]
dauern, in Anspruch nehmen
  • to endure
aushalten, vertragen
  • to support or carry without failing or breaking
  • to have sex with
(mit Gewalt) nehmen, nehmen
  • to receive or accept
annehmen, nehmen

take noun


taking noun

  • state of mental distress
Anfall, erratische Verfassung, geistiger Ausnahmezustand
  • act by which something is taken
Einnahme, Nahme, Übernahme
  • cash or money received (in the plural)
  • seizure of someone's goods or possessions
Ergreifung, Inbesitznahme
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