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base noun

  /beɪs/ , /beːs/
  • chemical compound that will neutralize an acid
  • something from which other things extend
  • geometry: lowest side or face
  • starting point of thought
  • electronics: controlling terminal of a transistor
  • permanent structure for housing military
base, caserne
  • baseball: one of the three places that a runner can stand in safety
base, but, coussin
  • headquarters
base, quartier général
  • heraldic charge: lowest third of a shield or escutcheon
  • heraldry: lower part of the field

base adjective

  /beɪs/ , /beːs/
  • low
abject, bas, ignoble, indigne
  • of inferior quality
ignoble, indigne

base verb

baseed   /beɪs/ , /beːs/
  • have as its foundation or starting point

basis noun

  • starting point for an argument
  • linearly independent, spanning set of vectors
  • underlying condition

based adjective

  • not caring what others think about oneself
basé, basée, basées, basés


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