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sweet noun

  /swit/ , /swiːt/
  • sugary confection
bonbon, friandise, sucreries

sweets noun

  • confectionery, candy
bonbon, confection

sweet adjective

  /swit/ , /swiːt/
  • having a pleasant taste
  • not having a salty taste
  • of a wine: retaining a portion of sugar
  • having a pleasant smell
doux, sucré
  • having a taste of sugar
  • containing a sweetening ingredient
sucré, doux
  • having a pleasing disposition
doux, sympa, sympathique
  • having a pleasant sound
doux, mélodieux
  • having a helpful disposition
gentil, charmant
  • not decaying, rancid, sour, spoiled, or stale
  • colloquial, very good

sweet adverb

  /swit/ , /swiːt/
  • in a sweet manner

sweetness noun

  /ˈswitnəs/ , /ˈswiːtnəs/
  • condition of being sweet or sugary
  • pleasant disposition
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