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pig noun

  • Any of several mammalian species of the genus Sus, having cloven hooves, bristles and a nose adapted for digging; especially the domesticated animal Sus domesticus.
Schwein, Hausschwein, Sau, Docke, Kosel, Mocke
  • (derogatory, slang) A dirty or slovenly person.
Schwein, Ferkel, Dreckschwein, Dreckspatz, Saubartel, Schmierfink
  • (derogatory, slang) Someone who overeats or eats rapidly and noisily.
Schwein, Fress-Sack, Fresssack, Vielfraß
  • (engineering) A device for cleaning or inspecting the inside of an oil or gas pipeline, or for separating different substances within the pipeline. Named for the pig-like squealing noise made by their progress.
  • (now, chiefly, US, UK, Australia, derogatory, slang) A police officer. [From ante 1785.]
Bulle, Bullenschwein, Büttel, Greifer, Greiferin, Kiberer

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